Deep t.Issue Therapy & Reiki Studio Grand Rapids

Social Distancing at Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki

Body workers are some of the most vulnerable healthcare workers. Then again, many of us are introvert and spiritual and not as social as our patients so we aren’t likely to pose a danger to you. Our patients bring the germs through our doors to us.

Everyone you’ve seen all day and your kids are now laying on my table. I use a UV Infrared lamp so you are being disinfected. I also know how to keep the energetic viruses (memes) down with boundaries and vibration.

DTT & R will be open from now on starting next week under a new stringent Social Distancing Policy for the time being. As a state licensed healthcare worker I have to.

1. Shoes should be left on the wood floor and coat will be left by the front door.
2. Clothes should be hung on the hooks by your chair.
3. There will be little  close face to face contact with me (breathing too near). You’re mostly face down anyway. Client chair is now 6 feet from my desk.
4. I’ll open the door for you when you come. I will be the only one to touch my front door knobs which will be wiped down regularly.
5. No use of my restroom for now. Please go at work or home before you come.
6. I may wear a face mask if I have to work on your neck face up.
7. No hugs or handshakes.

Please let me know if you’ve been on an airplane or if your kids aren’t socially distancing.

Thanks! Safety first.

P.S. My mate Michael died from H1N1 so I take this seriously. The authorities say H1N1was worse than covid19. My son brought it home from school, then I got sick, then Michael. He did have underlying health issues though.

We all needed to practice better hygiene before this happened and have more local govt. policy in place. Now we do.

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