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This is RATIONAL. What You’ve Been Told Does not Reflect Reality.

This video is a bit less than a year old. It makes people feel comfy to WANT to be believe what they’re told because they don’t trust their own common sense. Like the flu, the cold or any of the corona viruses are RNA viruses and are mutating. There is no reliable way to vaccinate for them because they are mutating rapidly. Thus the authorities keep saying that there will need to be two more vaccines. In addition, they are telling the truth when they say that the vaccine is no guarantee that you won’t get the virus. So, what’s the point. It’s a crap shoot and one that could cost you your health down the line. The vaccines are toxic messing with your RNA.

Fortunately, our IMMUNE SYSTEMS are the most efficient at adapting and mutating to fight the virus on it’s own. Is a Bunsen burner more power than the sun? Our immune systems are like the sun. The vaccine is a very expensive Bunsen burner backed by a lot of advertising.

Is it too much work to question and inform yourself with facts? It’s important to accept that institutions are not altruistic. But what I’ve learned about humans in the last year that I did not know is that it’s more important to most people to appear to agree with friends and family than to express your empowerment in knowing the truth. You just go along with it and stay quiet. Most are even willing to take a risk and die if that’s the price. If your friends and family are God to you and you don’t feel God in you, then you won’t want to accept what is really happening in our world with the debacle of a sick care system. None of it is necessary if most people would stop obeying absolute nonsense.

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