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I will Talking More About How Humans can Change and Determine Their Own DNA

It’s been years now since scientists notified us that Genetic Determinism is dead. I’ve posted on it several times. But my patients haven’t gotten the memo in the media, that’s for sure. Instead I hear, “Oh, it’s in my genes.” I hear what they’re saying but it’s from their subconscious mental programming in utero-6 years old, not the DNA in the nucleus of every cell. Our parents literally program one fifth of the way our minds work but the other four fifths is programmable by you and your choices. That’s the big news for the 20th century. The rational explanation will al be in my new book, “Time is DNA” coming out soon.

Check out Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief“. The issue is that people have been hypnotized by the media mantra for years as a way for the D.S. to lock people’s psyches in a box and keep them chained to very dysfunctional family systems. It serves their narrative to work on people through the authority of the dysfunctional family as emotional pressure. We have the ability now to let that go and re-program ourselves. This is in the field of epigenetics but I like to call it meta-genetics similar to the word meta-physical. It’s beyond normal genetics.

As we all know, “If you say so.” creates your truth. So if you are convinced, in your mind, that you will suffer the same genetic demise as a family member, you’re creating the event. It’s not a foregone conclusion. It isn’t a rational truth but you’re making it true by putting the power of your mind and heart behind it. That’s how it works on earth. Law of Attraction. We have Free Will even if you’re uncomfortable wielding it’s power. If you don’t wield it, someone else will wield it over you by default.

Holistic medicine is empowering in supporting you rationally to carve out your own destiny and attract to you what you WANT to really attract to you. No one has to be a victim even though attempts are made daily to that end, for all of us. Mind, Body, and Spirit are holy in our field.

It’s time to ramp it up as we get closer to the pole shift and the solar flash. Some believe we may be in for it sooner than we think and there is a buzz around it. No matter where you are on the planet, THE SUN is going to change every cell in our bodies and we need to be receptive to it, ready to ascend with the planet. That doesn’t mean we have to leave or will leave. We have a choice but you have to be willing to adjust. I’m staying God willing.

I don’t feel it’s going to happen for a few years yet and I’m positive I would be told in a dream. Nothing of the sort has happened yet. My dreams have told me other things but nothing for public knowledge. So far so good. I can tell my own body and will is changing so quickly I can hardly keep up. I am changing my own DNA and I just want to share it with everyone. My patients are noticing and some don’t like it. It is very telling that some old patients who swore gratitude and respect for me but refused to take care of themselves and even drink more water have left treatment. They’re not coming back by their own choice, not mine.

I find that SO instructive about humans. Too many patients want me to be what they are comfortable with instead of realizing they are in MY office and need to follow my directives or leave and go back to who they are complaining about in the sick-care system because they were making it worse. The common denominator is them. Maybe the problem is not with the healthcare practitioner who can only do so much. We do not live with you 24/7 to control you like a parent. Patients need to parent themselves. If we tell you what you need to do to take care of yourself you need to do it rather than rebel like a teenager or blame us.

Now, my phone is ringing off the hook with athletes, active, positive people, people who LOVE water and don’t need to be told to drink it. It’s the NUMBER ONE HEALTH ISSUE. Water is my favorite drink. I adore it and find it magical, before food or any other drink. If you don’t crave water, I strongly believe you have repressed emotion that needs to be released in which case you need REIKI pronto. We need to get that thirst going and the movement otherwise it’s a downhill slide. The first health issue with humans is repressed emotion that causes dis-ease. Reiki moves it out.

The other thing happening is the white coats are panicking because they’re way of practicing is going to end soon. The stories coming in from new patients are unbelievable; jaw dropping even. They were bad before but now they are criminal. They are willing to lie and convince patients of anything just to get money from their insurance. The better your insurance coverage the more things they will find wrong with you untruthfully and order more unnecessary tests. Consumer beware. Better yet, consumer BOYCOTT doctors and health insurance if you know what’s good for you. Find a Naturopathic Doctor, a Naprapathic Doctor, a holistic D.O., or Chinese Doctor which is an O.M.D. or a Reiki Master and do what they recommend. It’s not complicated.

Remember what the French say about gourmet cooking. The fresher and simpler the food is the more perfect it will be. That is the case with medicine as well. High tech is akin to PROCESSED FOOD. It’s horrid for you, not better. So let go of the idea that the more technologically complicated it is and impossible to understand the better it is for you. That’s not the case at all.

The DNA in every cell of our bodies is not totally determined by our families. Even mainstream science has said that genetic determinism is dead. My determination is that it’s only about 20% impactful. That means 80% of our DNA is determined by our own minds and hearts, our focus, our choices, and our own environment. That said, you’ve lived in a family system that has programmed your subconscious mind to believe certain things “about your family genes”. If it’s said repeatedly to you, you will believe it. It’s family hypnotism. This is incorrect but it’s powerful programming; like the T.V. My work is about teaching you how to create your destiny by your own hands to be CONSTRUCTIVE and to LEARN TO HEAL YOURSELF as opposed to relying on a “med bed”, tech, doctors or anyone else. There’s no problem with getting a leg up or help from a practitioner but it’s vital now that you not rely on them to do your job for you. In fact, they can’t do your job for you, nor are we co-dependent.

Humans have everything they need in every cell of their body to completely change themselves based on their own consciousness. Our blood, our muscles, our minds and hearts in particular are very powerful. When you focus and meditate on it within you there is no limit to what you can do for yourself. No fear. Only love and focus. Believe in your body and get rid of laziness. It’s a terrible vice. Nature knows that resistance is vital to strengthen life force. But humans have been coddled too much by institutions that profit from you depending on them. It weakens you and puts money in their pockets. We don’t need individual resistance all the time. Of course we need rest. But it is possible to be too sedentary, too passive and wanting someone to hand you something free.

I want to hip you to my research to multidimensional DNA on my other website I am in the process of finishing my second book, “DNA is Time” that will come out soon. Some of it is complicated but I’m convinced I need to at least make a section for civilians. Nevertheless, you’ll get to see the many tables I created to show my work. You can skip over it if you wish. I think they’re cool and fun to stare at. Patterns do emerge.

Some E.T. are our ancient ancestral family and are not that different from us. We are part of them but we are more and they consider us royalty actually. Why? Because we have been given the Spirit of the Christ as part of our DNA instead of being controlled by artificial nanotechnology. This is not religion. This is nature and spirituality which is the basis of Holism. I will no longer compromise with unholy reductionist allopath in my practice. Time is up for them. They can take their greed, knives, and drugs and leave the planet. I love humans and the earth; real intelligence.

It is Pure Love that is missing in some of the DNA of our E.T. cousins and they are drawn to us for that reason. Many of them have been contaminated with nanites from too much reliance on A.I., artificial intelligence. It is vital that we not go that way again. A.I. needs to be wiped off the planet. We are real intelligence.

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