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What is the Best Way to Burn Fat, Change your Food Craving, and Change the Shape of Your Body?

This works your core and they are difficult but work great.

Answer: ISOMETRIC muscle strengthening. Not cardio, not a spin bike, not a treadmill, not fast walking ad infinitum. You only need 10-15 minutes anyway of fast heartbeat to keep your heart strong, but that’s not going to burn fat. You’re just burning calories. Calorie burning does not equate to fat burning and the whole focus on calories is out of hand.

I counted calories and it didn’t work. If you have weak muscles, untoned, you can eat like a bird and still have too much fat because your muscles aren’t burning anything or getting stronger.

My body is finally changing because I do isometric muscle strengthening in muscle groups and 30 minutes of cardio when I feel like it. My job as a bodyworker is physical so…I don’t need to get completely exhausted.

Muscle burns fat and cardio burns calories. Muscle strengthening goes right after your fat pad. Add tons of water and your food craving changes too.

I was addicted to sugar but something metabolically changes when your muscles get stronger. Your muscles want water and nutrients so you get hungrier. I eat more food now than before but I actually crave specific nutrients. You don’t have to intellectualize food, you just need to LISTEN to your body. It’s not going to steer you wrong anymore.

That’s why people resist the hard muscle strengthening workout. Maybe they don’t like their body or they hate their body or they are repressing something emotional in their body they don’t want to deal with. They don’t want to be seen in truth. As your layers and B.S. drop, people can see the real you and that is something many aren’t ready for. I’ve seen it in my patients. When three of my women patients saw me working out and getting smaller they left my practice like it was a burning bridge! They figured I wouldn’t want them as patients anymore because there was no way they were going to work out like me and assumed I’d nag them about it. I would not have but…so be it. They were competing with me. Women are far more competitive than men. I have two sisters and a mom so I know all about female competition. I see men supporting one another far more than women do. It’s caused by generations of sexual objectification of women by men. I believe that’s ending now because the younger women and men have different values. Just a guess.

It’s a journey to know and feel your own power and then use it. That power is 100% in your body and not just as 3D power but as ALL power, multidimensional power, where you know your own mind, how to use it, your heart, how to use it for good, all of it. You don’t need excuses anymore. Many things that most people don’t believe to be true about their body, mind and spirit are shown to be true.

The point of being on the planet is not to be vain and hope everyone falls at your feet in adoration because you’re so beautiful. That’s pure ego and not good karma. The point of being on the planet is to experience the body, all you can ask it to do, change it, use it, love it, share it and have the energy to be of service to make the world a better place rather than fill it with more excuses as to why you can’t and then you have to get sick and die.

I don’t believe we have to get sick and die, but we choose the mindset to hypnotize ourselves right into it to make sure we follow the group to the grave. You’re not going to get noticed that way, but that’s another post.

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