Deep t.Issue Therapy & Reiki Studio Grand Rapids

Melissa is a patient and peer.

“I attended the Reawaken America Event this past weekend in downtown GR, MI. It was one of the most inspirational weekends of my life, as we are definitely in a spiritual war in terms of medical tyranny and our freedoms.

I’ve been chronicling the event on IG and have a highlight for you. From hearing the front line doctors speak, to personally meeting and chatting vaccines and boats with Dr. Andy Wakefield, to hearing tragic stories of doctors forbidding life saving medications to acute case patients struggling with CV in the hospital, a professor refusing the injection and getting kicked off his plane flying here to this event, to seeing Ian Smith the NJ gym owner who refused to shut down when his members needed the gym the most, to personally interviewing Roger stone, it was all so mind boggling!“-Melissa, N.D.

Note: this is not medical advice, always consult your doctor or practitioner before starting any new protocol or regiment.

The Time to Free America website is an absolute gem and full of truth and transparency in a time that this critical information is being suppressed (link below).

The take homes from all the speakers which including medical doctors, medical malpractice attorneys, front line doctors and many others in the trenches was this:

Death sentence “standard of “care”” …. continue to read what the speakers said are death sentences and the 3 medications that allowed them virtually 100% cv recovery for their patients.

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