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Anthony Fauci has declared that the pandemic is over.๐Ÿ™„-by Brownstone Institute

“Gosh, haven’t we all been waiting with breath that is bated for him to give in to the fact that new virus isn’t going to end and we just have to adjust to it via our immune system? People have always died from viruses but most adapt and LIVE. I hope that’s not a problem for the fearful.”-Lisa T.

Have you heard? Anthony Fauci has declared that the pandemic is over, only days after warning of new dangers around the corner. Now we are left with the disastrous carnage of the response that he shepherded, which is the topic addressed in todayโ€™s lead article. 

As always, Brownstone is grateful for your support.

The Next Ten Battles BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. What kind of society do we want to live in and build? Is it based on the presumption that freedom belongs to all and is the best path for progress and good lives? Or do we want the rights of the people always to defer to the mandarins in the walled-off bureaucracies who give orders and expect only compliance and no challenge to their rule? 

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