Deep Tissue QI (chi) Acupointer & Reiki Therapy Grand Rapids

March 2023

QI Therapy, Infrared Heat Lamp, Reiki Treatments, Classes, & Attunements up to Master Level Tissue Therapy & Reiki BBB Business Review
This is more of a symbol of how I wish physicians were trained. I won’t wear it until more white coats are HOLISTIC.

“Lisa is so amazing. Her knowledge surpasses any deep tissue therapist I have been to. I am feeling better after her treatments and highly recommend this therapy.”

Welcome to my office! This is one of the best places you can be in Grand Rapids for natural pain relief and orthopedic surgery prevention, and my medical deep tissue therapy QI treatments and Reiki are super effective. MY FEE LIST IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG. JUST SCROLL DOWN.

This is my new QI Therapy Pen

It’s a type of e-stim TENS but it uses the Qi from my hand through the pen to deliver the electrons you need to release adhesions. It can also detect them which my hand alone can do also. It is a handheld portable device that is used to automatically trigger rapid muscle contractions when muscles are hard to isolate or when the muscle is immobilized in a cast or splint. The pulsed contraction effectively works the muscle for you which prevents atrophy.

It relieves pain by blocking pain signals as they travel from the nervous system to the brain. The pulsations have a relaxing effect on tense muscles similar to that of manual therapy. It is also used to locate acupoints on the body and stimulate them to unblock qi flow along a meridian or to focus qi on an acupoint associated with a weak or damaged internal organ. The mild electrical pulses act in the same way as ACUPUNCTURE needles or acupoint massage.

Studies have shown Low-Voltage therapy, which are electrons already in all of your cells, to be helpful in reducing free radicals in the blood, purging the body of viral and bacterial infections and even reviving dead cells associated with cancer.

I cannot use it on people with a pacemaker, pulse regulator, artificial heart, lungs or other life sustaining electronic medical device.

Please note that this is not walk-in therapy. Please schedule 24 hours in advance. Thanks.

If you are healthy and hydrated with only one stubborn area, 30 minutes will do. My technique is efficient. More areas go up from there.

Men and women, by seeing me you are focusing on yourself and taking responsibility for your health and emotions. This can be very empowering. You can figure out your body and your needs on your own and learn how to take care of yourself! This is healthcare only. I am medically focused. The therapies I offer are QI therapy with a high end acupen, an Infrared healing heat lamp, and REIKI. There is no massage therapy here. I combine all modalities.

I succeed with my holistic patients and have done so for twenty three years. 98% of my patients are hydrated, exercise, love themselves, and understand it’s their responsibility to take care of themselves. If you know your body is so tight it’s like a brick house (the men who are addicted to muscle training) I will only do REIKI for you to get your repressed emotions to unwind. Those emotions make every cell of your body tie into a ball. Reiki is the most powerful therapy and you can feel mine.

Many patients regret their surgeries but I can’t fix that decision. I can only help you get the QI going as much as possible. You need to see me before you get surgery to assess the situation. I’m not opposed to surgery, just unneeded surgery.

What can you do about how incorrect and powerful the doctors are? Boycott them. Don’t go to them. Find a holistic practitioner, a Naturopath, Naprapath, holistic D.O., Chinese Doctor, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist or Personal Coach to get going with workouts and follow their instructions. Look to us as good examples to emulate if you wish. Most of us do our best not to be hypocritical. We live what we teach.

I can relieve the muscle pain naturally with the ACUPEN and your treatment is well worth your time and money. You don’t need muscle relaxers, you need the deep tissue adhesions released and increased blood flow to the soft tissue. That is the most powerful.

I’m holistic. I understand that most people use both modern and holistic medicine but my office is holistic. Please don’t come in to argue with me about it. It’s happened too often. I succeed in delivering blood to all connective tissue bar none and the blood has no limit on what it can heal. I’ve seen it for twenty three years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had surgery or spinal fusion, it doesn’t affect the blood flow. If it did, you wouldn’t be able to move your limb. Referred pain (radiculopathy) is usually due to nerve compression caused by the muscle that attaches to the joint. Muscle function cannot be inhibited by the bone. The only thing clamping on the nerve root is muscle.

It’s not hard for me to remedy it and will save you countless thousands of dollars in surgical co-pays and more!

I use the movement of the blood in the deep tissue WITH THE ACUPEN (muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve) to help release your pain.

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Real pain relief is possible when the deep tissue is released and the blood is flowing.

I have 2400 hours of Advanced Naprapathic Manual Therapy training, equal to the Naprapathic Doctors in Chicago, twenty-three years of experience as a bodyworker, Reiki Master, and Master Herbalist certification. My focus and success are on relieving your pain, increasing your range of motion, and keeping you out of surgery and prescriptions which I will do using safe ACUPEN QI Therapy and Reiki.  Relieving pain is as relaxing as it can be.

Your time and money are very well spent here and with your cooperation and my skill, your pain will decrease without drugs or surgery. Your bones follow your muscles so releasing the deep muscle adhesions at the joint that cause pain is the first-line treatment for your body because the soft tissue stress leads to a host of other trouble.

  • By scheduling, you agree to the 24-hour in advance cancellation or re-schedule policy. A no show or no call will result in a charge.
  • When you purchase a discount package of 5 treatments, it’s non-refundable. If possible, you must use all of the treatments.

Blood and muscle make up the majority of your body and it’s vital and effective to start treatment for most pathology there.  I can treat:

  • muscle pain and stubborn adhesions no matter how long they’ve been there, anywhere in the body.
  • bulging disc
  • arthritis, although it cannot be reversed
  • a migraine and all headaches
  • post-surgical tissue after 72 hours
  • Sprains and strains
  • lateral epicondylitis
  • all hip issues
  • plantar fasciitis
  • chronic pain

Please call me at 616-328-4242 to schedule an appointment.  I’ll get you in as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you!

My hours are:

Tuesday-Friday, Noon-6:00 pm, 3 patients a day or 12 per week.

I have popular discount packages for those with chronic conditions that will need multiple treatments.  When you buy a package, you get your slot ahead of time on my schedule and about $5.00 off per treatment! I sell treatments in packages of five and accept cash and credit cards through a secure PayPal system.  No checks.

Single Appointment Fees before the discount:

30 minutes-$60.00

45 minutes-$90.00

60 minutes-$120.00


  1. Monica

    Good morning, I am a cluster headache sufferer in desperate need of relief, I have been searching several different treatment options and I can across your website which intrigued me, is this something you would be willing to try to help me with? I would love to set up an appointment with you today if so.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely. I do deep tissue therapy and Reiki. I will check your neck and shoulders first and then work on the head with acupressure and Reiki. Just call 616-328-4242 at about 9am. We’ll set up a time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Darlene Thomas

    I have a sister in-law who has pain all over making it hard just for her to walk. She is on pain meds but they don’t help. do you think you would be able to help her?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Caroline

    I have a sore neck with pain that seems to move around. I am interested in deep tissue massage, am not sure about reiki. Also, on past massages, I have found it difficult to lay on my stomach for so long. Shall I go for a shorter treatment or can some of it be done with me laying on my back. I thought I would try 45 minutes for my first treatment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you live near Grand Rapids? I would be carwful with massage. I am not a massage therapist bit a Naprapathic Manual Therapist trained 4 years. I would assess you first face down for 10 minutes and then have upu fave up to work your neck.


    • I don’t do massage or manual therapy any longer. Something better is Qi therapy with an acupen, Reiki, and the Infrared heat lamp. 616-328-4242. Reiki is actually the best. Very strong and you can feel it.


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