Review By: Molly Braun ( – Zip Code: 49503
Submitted: 03/09/2023

Two weeks ago I went to see Lisa because I was having lingering pelvic girdle pain after having given birth to my daughter (two months old). I left the first visit feeling lighter and more confident with homework to do on my physical body and energy centers.

Motivated by what I experienced and eager to continue healing, I went to see Lisa again this week. Again she performed Reiki and went to work with her hands on my hips, thighs, and lower back. I’m leaving this review because I no longer feel any pain. I woke up yesterday for the first time in several months not feeling like I had to stretch and balance before I walked. All my discomfort is gone! I’m going to continue to see Lisa continue the journey of balancing and learning more about my chakras, but she resolved my issue. Thank you so much, Lisa!

January 27, 2023- New Review today

“Lisa, I feel amazing. I feel like this dark cloud has moved for me. It’s the first time and a long time where my neck feels loose. It has relieved so much pressure.

I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I even feel like my eyes have opened wider. It’s the strangest feeling but I’m so pleased. Thank you so much” -Tanya F.

Jessie V

Review left by Jessie V

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I began receiving treatments from Lisa in October of 2021 and am grateful to say I have been seeing her on a consistent basis since. I had major back surgery 11 years ago and have dealt with steady chronic pain since then; while the surgery was successful for the stability of my spine, it left me with many nerve and muscle issues. I sought care when I was at a low and felt as if my body was dying, at the age of 45… I was miserable. I sit at a desk all day and felt my body becoming stiffer from having such a sedentary lifestyle. I had a constant knot near my right shoulder blade that I attributed to using a mouse all day while working on the computer. Deep hip pain also became an issue for me – I thought for certain this was menopausal bursitis.

I’ve called Lisa the chiropractor of the muscles because she knows what needs to be adjusted and works the muscles into their natural place. Not only do her treatments stop the muscle spasms and work out painful nuances, but they also stick. My hip pain is virtually nonexistent today, also the nerve pain and numbness I had on my outer thighs since my back surgery is gone. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how the muscles work together; it helps that she has strong hands with a keen ability to locate the source of the issues. Unlike any treatments I’ve had in my life, her ability to get the stress out of my shoulders and neck has given me relief to the point of stopping many years of usage of Excedrin for headaches.

Not only would I recommend Lisa for your care, but I would also excitedly encourage it. I feel good again and am enjoying my life without the daily pain.

From Chuck Roberts
I’ve gone to see Lisa several times. She is great at reading me and has great energy. She has really helped me a lot with energy and physical issues. I highly recommend her.
4 hours ago new
Lisa’s magic hands combined with her knowledge and experience allow her to get deep down to the root of the issues leaving you in a better state of total well-being. Highly recommended!

Alex C

13 hours ago
Lisa truly knows what she’s doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
5 days ago
Lisa has done a great job doing deep tissue therapy. She finds the points of tension I hold in my neck, shoulder and lower back and gets deep down into the tissue to work them out. I have had strain and tension in my neck and shoulders for years. I felt better from the first time I visited her and feel better then I have in years.

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