What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is sometimes called medical massage or clinical massage because we are focusing on the soft tissue but this is advanced soft tissue work. Our hands-on ability with manipulating the soft tissue can easily go to a doctorate level in what we can achieve in reducing pain, inflammation, and stimulating a natural healing response.  It takes more time with the patient though, and as I said, our focus is having our hands on you, on the table, draped.

We are holistic with high integrity.  I work holistically within the Naprapathic methodology. Our mentor is Oakleigh Smith of Iowa. There is no adjusting of bones at all with the Naprapathic method.  We focus specifically on the soft tissue attachments at the joint that hold the joint in place. Once the soft tissue at the joint is released, the bone will align on its own so we spend our time there.

I don’t:

  • do spa, full body massage with slippery oil in a public place
  • do therapeutic massage with slippery oil
  • use the point of my thumbs pushing them into your tissue with oil
  • use my elbows with oil
  • stand on you
  • sit on the table
  • adjust the bones
  • believe pain is good
  • believe in “no pain no gain”
  • bill insurance


use a dry, soft hand to slowly go deep through four layers to the periosteum (tissue that covers the bone).

  • use castor oil in a friction rub to warm the tissue and relieve inflammation before I go deep
  • use a heat lamp with mineral heat
  • use Chinese cupping sometimes
  • use a thermophore sometimes
  • firmly grasp a joint but never yank
  • use FLAT THUMBS on specific areas, never thumb tip
  • joint physics
  • work in the laminar groove, right next to the spine to release that special tissue
  • work down four layers of tissue in the back
  • absolutely know anatomy and my way around the body
  • read radiograph or MRI reports if you have a history of trauma
  • talk to your physician if you would like me to
  • write-up physician reports
  • get results immediately and have consistently for fifteen years
  • Align the spine in the case of functional scoliosis over a course of treatments.  How long it takes will depend on your condition
  • ask for verification from your physician or a radiography or MRI report proving my work on your spine.
  • use a bony lever, Naprapathic technique
  • use Osteopathic facet joint technique
  • ask you to do some work at home for yourself
  • refer you out if your pain level is ten, I can hardly touch you without pain, or your MRI report shows torn tissue.
  • Reiki
  • have a passion for my work
  • I do want to straighten your spine to improve your life