Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

The Muscles in Your Back

female back muscles

This is a pretty good image of some of the four layers of muscle in your back.  As I work on you, I can feel, map and analyze the condition of all of them.  Your spine is down the center.  If your back was Congress and the two parties were Muscle and Bone, the Muscle Party holds the majority.  But your body isn’t democratic, it’s dictatorial.  There are no elections because this is evolution at work.  Your blood movement is the major force on a dense level, for healing purposes.  When you have pain, an adhesion/knot, or can’t move, the blood is not moving in that area! If the blood is not moving, neither is the muscle.  If the muscle isn’t moving, it’s pulling any bone it’s attached to out of alignment, especially the spine, which is bone, spongy disc, and nerve. Think of that!  Your blood has to circulate all the time but in some muscles, it is not moving and that causes pain. Why?  Because there is only ONE thing that can impinge a nerve or nerve root; THE MUSCLE.  So that is the area we treat.

Various practitioners use various techniques and have different theories about how to get the blood moving.  The belief underpinning my methods is that everyone wants to feel better and need to be treated with kindness so I use a soft, firm hand.  I go all the way down to the bone.  Harder, meaner, and more pain does not translate into effective treatment…at all.  You can find plenty of practitioners that will do that to you and I find it unethical.

When the blood is not moving in the muscle it starts to create a dam of toxins and the blood circulates around the toxic adhesion.  That process begins to atrophy the entire region until someone gets their hands on you.  If you think about how your entire body is made of muscle, it becomes apparent that every single person on the planet needs deep tissue therapy in order to live a long, healthy life.  In addition, everyone needs to move and strengthen their own body too.  The P.T.’s and Sports Fitness therapists help there. In fact, if you don’t, it becomes the source of other pathologies!

If any or most of those muscles next to the spine and in other areas become tight, shortened, and contracted, your spine is going to follow them, twist around and contort in order to keep your head level.  That’s what happens in functional scoliosis for a variety of reasons.  I can correct it. All of that tissue can move and heal given attention and time.  Give me a call at 616-328-4242.


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