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Candidiasis in the Body

I have first-hand experience with this as I was addicted to sugar and baked goods for the first half of my life. Sugars, simple carbohydrates and wheat feed the yeast and it gets overblown in the body.  I was raised to be this way by my family as many of us have been. I’ve only been holistic for the last twenty years so I was out of alignment for thirty-four years. Food habits are taught and modeled. In my family, love was sweets and baked goods and my grandmothers and mother taught me well. Boy was I a good baker before I decided I wanted to survive in this life and have a high-quality existence in the body.

Candida is a yeast which is a fungus. Dietary changes are vital as the Ph of your blood, alkaline or acid will feed the yeast or allow it to die off.  Therefore, it’s vital to eat an alkaline diet full of fiber and no processed sugar or wheat. Is that anti-social? Yes. But so is laying in the hospital dying of a heart attack or cancer due to high blood pressure or diabetes out of control. Alcohol is full of sugars and carbohydrates as well. I stopped drinking altogether and if I do drink, it’s only on occasion. I was never into alcohol anyway so it was no big deal.

Using sugar, carbs, and alcohol emotionally is a separate post but know that wanting to get your diet under control as well as your weight is TOTALLY an emotional issue that you’ll need to bring to mind.  You have to desire to face your truth, tell the truth, and love your body and yourself eventually to succeed. A counselor and Reiki can help with those emotions. That’s what I had to do anyway and I’m doing it now. I offer Reiki treatments in my office.

Foods that help burn/metabolize fat in the liver and kidney are:

  • chili peppers
  • oats
  • green tea
  • grapefruit
  • avocado
  • walnuts
  • soy
  • broccoli
  • salmon
  • whole grain (not wheat though. Sprouted grain bread is best)
  • banana

I eat all of these, sometimes daily, and for sweetener, I use a tsp. of honey or maple syrup with 1/4 tsp. of Splenda. I use ZERO white sugar and brown sugar and buy absolutely no products containing them. I use ZERO white wheat flour and buy no products containing it and I exercise 30 minutes every day. The taste of my food is very high quality, lots of crunch, nuts, complex flavors, spices, different flavorful greens, and I do eat beef or chicken once in a while. I eat dark chocolate only.  Honestly, I don’t crave sugar anymore. It’s quite liberating.

To our Good Health!

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