Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

This…IS…health care.

It could be a West Michigan thing because of sex trafficking, sex services offered at the day spas or just the underbelly religious patriarchal culture of Grand Rapids. But in one month alone I’ve had two white male clients, fully apprised of my website ask me out on a date, comment on my looks, and literally suggest I could charge more and take him upstairs.

The third client in a month happened today where she clearly knew my services, gave me her MRI report which proved it, bought a package then sent me a bizarre email requesting full body spa entertainment massage with “her lotion”. She was requesting a service she knew full well crossed my professional boundaries. I offered her one hour of manual therapy and reiki but she rejected that also. She left money sitting on the table with me because I wouldn’t do relaxation massage! It’s not the first time a patient has done that. That’s very suspicious with regard to what they want from me and I’m not reading anything into it.

I’m very intuitive and know the truth about people who walk in my door. You can try to lie to me or manipulate me all you want but I will go to the gates of hell to protect my integrity as a State licensed HOLISTIC, professional medical manual therapist and no client is welcome to ask me FOR ANYTHING DIFFERENT, regardless of my looks!

That, and I’m not dumbing down myself or my service to fit in with the rest of the relaxation massage crowd. Let me be clear. I begrudge no massage therapist in Kent county the right to exist and offer the type of treatment you do as long as you have a state license, abide by the law, don’t offer sex massage, and don’t HURT PATIENTS with your technique. And you will not begrudge or gossip that I and my medical manual therapy peers don’t have the right to exist and offer what we do! Everyone is different!

I don’t want to hear one more patient having to tell me that a massage therapist HURT THEM in treatment, going deep into the soft tissue with oil, or one more client trying to get sex massage from me when they need the deep tissue and/or Reiki or a counselor for talk therapy.

If you seriously want to be done with your soft tissue pain, feel free to give me a call. I do excellent work, always get results, I’m a woman, smart, accomplished, and unwavering with my professional boundaries and my care. If you can handle that, aren’t threatened and don’t feel the need to change me, hit on me or be jealous of me, I’m the practitioner for you. Ask me out on a date, compete with me, or ask me to be someone I’m not and you’ll see the door. I don’t deserve it at all. This is healthcare and I pay my bills with this legitimate, licensed work. Thank you.

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