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Everyday Intuition; Subjective-Objective


INTUITION IS A BIOLOGICAL FUNCTION since it happens in the brain.

What’s the difference between subject and object? Intuitive thinking or higher mental faculties come into play in both subjective and objective thinking. By no means is intuition subjective. This could be a myth floating about. Intuition is proven all the time empirically so there is no point of suggesting it’s not objective.

Modern definitions say you can prove objectives statements because they’re based on fact. Saying, “I love oranges” is a fact. It’s not a subjective opinion it’s an objective fact. Supposedly, the definition of a subjective fact is an opinion. If I say, “I think Trump is evil,” that is a subjective opinion although some would say they believe that has been proven to be a fact. I’m not God so I won’t contend it’s an objective fact. Social media is mostly subjective and therefore largely useless. But when people express their personal feelings about a personal matter as likes and expressions of themselves, those are personal facts that need to be taken seriously. Their feelings and opinions about others tend to be highly subjective but they are fact to them.

Family and friends used to say to me, “Can you be a bit more objective about your situation?” when I was in the throws of emotion in the past. I hated it when they said it but it helped. The classic advice is not to make any real decisions based solely on a subjective feeling that is a fact for you. Why? Just because you personally feel a certain way about someone or a situation doesn’t make it The Truth. It’s just your perception which is subjective. Other people and other factors and events are always in play that you may not know about or can’t see or don’t want to see! It’s very easy to make a mistake if you follow just your feelings. In fact, don’t ever “follow” your feelings; just acknowledge that they are there and are giving you information about yourself.

Subjective feeling is like wind speed. We don’t follow whichever way the wind blows! That’s where the saying comes from. You’re taking a physical reading on how something is hitting your body. Our bodies register all the energy around us unless we know how to block it. I block it all the time with a 24/7 mudra since I’m an empath and an intuitive. If I didn’t, I’d be dead or in a looney bin. Consequently, I come across quite detached and intellectual when I’m not at all! My heart is always open and I love all the time, everyone I see. But I have the gift of detachment from others feelings so I can read their energy. It’s my job. Feelings absorbed into the body come from energy outside of the body that you allow in unconsciously. You could be emotionally reacting to someone else’s energy that doesn’t even belong to you! That causes illness and you feel negative. That’s how you know it’s not coming from within you. It happens a lot between women and their mothers. We have an unbreakable subconscious cord with our mothers and tend to psychically or telepathically absorb our mother’s thoughts and energy. People who work together absorb and react to each other’s energy as well. I don’t miss those days before I had a private practice.

Most people can do the opposite and really not care. They are able to suppress not only feelings from within them but ignore other’s feelings as well. They are biased toward material facts that can see and feel or tune into with five senses. That’s the cause of addiction and is HIGHLY IRRATIONAL. People think they’re walking around being rational by not feeling anything and it’s slow suicide. That’s why the earth is in the shape it’s in. They may say they are objective about the world and have no feelings until they hit a wall or have a medical emergency. That’s because all of your subjective emotions are absorbed into every cell of your body, especially those from the unconscious mind.

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