Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

My bones hurt


It’s not likely. It’s your soft tissue that is attached to your bones that hurt. It just feels like it’s your bones.

What do we know about the bones?

Bones have no nerve innervation meaning the nerves are a soft tissue that does not go through bone tissue. What hurts is the soft tissue (muscle, ligament, and tendon and nerve) which is the cause of almost all pain in the body. Since muscle makes up the majority of soft tissue in the body and is innervated by nerves, most pain is caused by muscle adhesions and misalignment.

Medical massage and medical manual therapy are called for. Bone is a tissue but it’s very, very dense and strong. The joints have all kinds of different tissue in there holding it together but the soft tissue structures that move the joints hook into the outside of the joint. That is the site of most pain, most injury, and most joint dysfunction. There is some soft tissue inside but not most.

The Soft Tissue Structure

The soft tissue structure that attaches to the joint has to deteriorate and be left in that condition before you get arthritis. If everyone would get their soft tissue structures attaching to the joint taken care of there would only be a need for orthopedic doctors except in the event of accidents when you bang yourself up. That happens often so they would stay in business. The other patients should see us and their insurance should cover it. It would bring down medical costs by billions.

Soft Tissue Feels Pain, Bone Does Not

Most pain is at the nerve root, the site of attachment at any joint complex in the body. For instance;

  1. All around the shoulder joint, right next to it, front, back and side
  2. All around the elbow joint, right next to it, front, back and side.
  3. All around the wrist joint, right next to it, front, back and side.
  4. All along the sides of your entire spine from C1 to S5, right next to it in the laminar groove. All around the hip joint, right next to it, front, back and side
  5. All around the knee joint, right next to it, front, back and side.
  6. All around the ankle joint, right next to it, front, back and side

Soft Tissue Hurts Because of Lack of Blood Flow

The soft tissue structure is in close proximity and intimate with the bone. That’s why it feels like the bone hurts. It doesn’t. It’s the soft tissue right next to it that hurts and THAT SOFT TISSUE STRUCTURE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INITIATING THE ACTION OF THE JOINT WHEN YOUR CNS (Central Nervous System) SAYS, “MOVE!” The rest of the movement snowballs into the belly of the muscle and travels down to the extremities.

The cause of the soft tissue structure next to the joint hurting is nerve compression which is caused by LACK OF BLOOD FLOW, especially the deep blood, four layers deep. We all know that our body is mostly blood! Our blood is our QI, our life force, our consciousness, our magic wand! It needs WATER to work its magic with our entire body. Too many sugary drinks and alcohol will short circuit your QI as will dehydration. Water and air are necessities for the body. Food is third. YET, people EAT TOO MUCH simply because they aren’t drinking enough water and breathing fresh air deeply. Feed your body water and fresh air FIRST; not food! You’re not hungry, you’re thirsty and need some air and movement.

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