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Intuition and Evolution Forward comes through opening the Pineal Gland in the Brain

I informally poll my clients on their experience having Covid-19 or people close to them having it. The first thing I’ll mention is all of them got through it and some of them only had a few symptoms or didn’t get sick. Everyone is different in how the virus affects them. For a very small minority of people it is deadly.

Please keep in mind context when you read media that says how devastating this thing is. It’s not. The CONTEXT is 330 million people in the U.S. and 8 billion people on the planet. Just do the math. A very, very very small fraction of people die in context. Also keep in mind, no one escapes a virus. The panic, mask and lock down are only postponing the inevitable. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I never get viruses. Viruses don’t affect me.” No. Everyone…gets viruses. Why? Because our bodies are made up of mostly viruses and bacteria. It’s called a virome or a biome or microbiome. We are an animal bag of blood and microbes! But they are beneficial! Natural viruses and bacteria ARE GOOD! The only reason one would make you sick is because you are not healthy, you’re not taking care of yourself in a myriad of ways which is the American way. That’s why people are scared. Because they know they aren’t healthy and it’s their own doing. Well, if you want to survive you better turn you life around and get you immune system humming; exercise, healthy food and lay off alcohol, cigarettes and horrible food. I can’t believe people think they should be able to live a crappy lifestyle and not pay the consequences for it. You have to love your body or it will do you in.

Again, the media and sick care industry are misleading people about the beauty of their body so they can sell you a vaccine to destroy your powerful body. They make money off of sick, scared people not well people.

The main thing that is agreed upon is this is not a normal virus, nor is it natural meaning it didn’t come up organically in nature from the ground. That is the typical way viruses evolve. This one is artificial and there is scads of evidence proving it. Where did it really come from?

The second thing agreed upon is it changes the brain and thus vision. In fact, it open the pineal gland in the brain which probably isn’t something the elite want to occur for most of humanity because it opens our ability to see further, deeper, and past the 3 D clenching. In fact, the pineal gland in the mid-bran is a star gate.

When I had the virus in November it changed my vision, opened it wider, allowed me to see the energy moving in everything; the walls, the floor, the subtle energy in the room, little things coming off of my plants. It was pretty fun actually. I’d heard all of these things existed but like everyone in physical, I enjoyed my 3D clenching eyes and getting emotionally attached to the illusory world around me. After all, I already spend an inordinate amount of time meditating and doing Reiki for my patients. I live spirituality 24/7 and being a normal 3D material human is like a vacation for me. Well, opening the pineal gland changes all of that and you’re able to see THE TRUTH about the world around you.

Quantum physics has proven that every cell is pure energy. Nothing is sitting still. Everything that appears solid and still IS NOT solid and still. That is scientific fact yet if you say that you can see that in public you should be afraid of being sent to the psych ward? No. Many people who do shrooms or other drugs have had their pineal gland opened and have said it’s changed them for good, even after if wears off they can see the truth of the movement and spectrum of life all around them. It also heals them from PTSD because they realize that what happens to us in this life, to a great degree, is an illusion.

Well, you don’t have to be on a drug to have your pineal gland opened and humming. CV2 opens it. I think that’s why this virus event is happening. Human beings are evolving forward. I was too distracted by everything I saw after I got well and in meditation, I asked for help to shut it off or calibrate it so that I was mostly seeing in 3D. I had to get glasses. My eyes changed to cope with the multidimensional vision meaning, my eyes don’t “want” to just see in 3D. Think about that. That could be why people need glasses and their 3D vision deteriorates. It’s because their spirit vision needs to come forward and their 3D vision need to drop back. I don’t like wearing the glasses now. It forces me to see in 3D and it’s stressful in a way it wasn’t before.

I’m a proponent of balance. I’ve heard it’s possible for people to become so pure and spiritual in their bodies, vision, etc that they detach from their body and leave the planet. They don’t die some horrible death, they meditate and leave. I don’t want to do that yet. I feel like I know how to but I don’t want to yet. I want to stay here and keep partaking of the earth and giving back to her as much as I can.

In short, get your immune system humming, imagine your vision changing, realize that everything around you is moving in truth and let yourself get the virus! I had to take handfuls of herbs to get through it and quite a bit of decongestant. Then it’s just sleep. See a Naturopathic Doctor who can test all the systems of your body and get you on natural medicine to shore it up. I’m doing that right now and losing weight quickly and eat pretty much whatever I want but still incorporate veggies and fruit and tons of water.

Trust your body and take care of yourself so you’re not afraid of any virus!

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  1. bacca400493489c488

    I probably had COVID-19 in Feb 2020, especially after I heard the unusual symptoms: pain in the muscles, not the joints; loss of taste (which returned to me), and I felt hot alternating with chills which is unusual for me. I did not have a thermometer so I could not verify I had a fever since I was on vacation at a hotel. I got it at the end of our vacation and missed 2-3 days of work when I returned home. It was a moderate flu for me. I have not had the flu in 5 years since I stopped getting the flu shot but this year I got something flu-like.

    However studies show that people under 35, as a group, tend to actively increase the drama and seriousness when they report things, possibly to get attention. This may not be conscious to them, it has become automatic. This is why we should look at verifiable facts, not overblown emotions.

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