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The Subconscious Mind’s Effect on Health Habits

We all know that the way we were raised in our families has a huge effect on how we approach our bodies as adults and I feel it’s a thorn in my flesh. But we all have to deal with it right? What can we do to tip the scales and be done with our parents controlling our subconscious HABITS with our body?

This feels like a mountain to climb for all of us but I’ve actually had a good amount of success really changing my mind and habits from the way I was raised. It has been a HUGE, hurtful social challenge as you literally are rejected by old friends and family when you take charge of your body, mind, and spirit and become an adult. It’s a big deal and there is a big emotional price to pay at first. However, the PAY OFF is empowerment, very high self-esteem, freedom, and happiness while they are all still towing the line in your home town.

I will preface this by telling you that I was not raised holistic or spiritual in any way, shape or form. I know how to make Hamburger Helper, Mac n cheese and green beans with canned mushroom soup. I was raised to use food emotionally, to BAKE to make others happy, to be addicted to sugar and believe it was completely normal, and to go to church three times a week and be a very co-dependent Democrat. I am 100% done with all of that so I’m alone a lot which is fine since I’m a writer.

I will first tell you who I am now and then how I did pivoted away from it.

  1. I am holistic and have been a licensed holistic practitioner for 21 years, single, own a house, have a son and a great life from my income. I graduated from a very good school, did all my studies and respected my teachers. It is absolutely possible to make a living doing this but you cannot under-charge believing that because you are holistic, what you do is not as respected or as powerful than the straights. What we have to offer and teach people is MORE powerful than the straights and know that we are cutting very happily into their market. That is going to increase around the curve into 2021.
  2. Healing is real. Healing yourself is REAL. It’s not religion but it is spiritual. I have a daily spiritual routine that includes meditation, self analysis, forgiving crappy people and changing my QI with my breath.
  3. I have a personal trainer and do muscle strengthening daily. I’m shrinking quickly and feel better although body size is not exactly an indicator of health and size bias is very real. In our society you are considered a better person on every level if you are thin. It’s really something to ponder. I’m not engaging in that. There are some very large people who have very strong muscles and are very healthy.
  4. Hopefully you’ve noticed that we are in a NEW TIME when our CENTRAL SUN and all of the suns in our local system or literally sending new light codes and energies to EARTH to UPLIFT OUR DNA and help us evolve forward. This is REAL. I experienced a crazy download from the sun while laying on my bed about a month ago. That night I got sick as in, my immune system was stimulated and my left leg that was crushed as a kid was healed within three days. This can happen to all of us if we sit in the sun and open our bodies and chakras to the Consciousness coming through the Sun FROM SOURCE.
  5. I generally eat all veggies and fruits heaped on a plate, mixed dark greens, occasional meat and fish, oats, red potatoes and sweet potatoes, green pasta, don’t like beans, Ezekiel bread with Peanut or almond butter but an occasional bagel, little to no cheese, olive oil and a bit of butter and eggs, dark chocolate, espresso and 80 ounces of water a day. I think I drink more ounces of water than I eat food. Water comes first. Water IS HOLY. Water balances your emotions. If you aren’t thirsty you’re repressing emotions, I’ve come to conclude working on people for 21 years. I’m to a point where if I have a patient who is dehydrated and will not drink water or goes to another practitioner who will tolerate their resistance I will fire them as a client. I have to work too hard to sludge through their dense dehydrated flesh that I want to charge you double. I’m not doing it.
  6. I hold myself responsible for my happiness and taking care of myself as far as I can. I have no problem asking a friend or my son for help if I get sick though.
  7. I was vaccinated as a child but I get no vaccines now, don’t recommend them, don’t trust them and yes, I’m an anti-vaxxer and I’ve read up on it quite a bit.

I pivoted away from it by moving to a new area and surrounding myself with people that I had shared values with that were not like my family. I minimized my contact with them and didn’t tolerate being talked to or treated badly simply because I no longer towed the family line.

I put my spirituality and God before what humans did and thought. I became my own best friend.

Peace Out.

Lisa T.

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