Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

The Human Body and Mind are in New Territory

I’ve been holistic for 22 years and practicing Reiki and Naprapathic Manual Therapy  for that long as well. The focus in my office has always been the MEDICAL treatment of the muscles, moving the blood, and Reiki energy balancing. These are powerful combinations and scare many people when they feel it. Then I ask my patients to work out their muscles, even with simple walking to start, drink more water and consider herbs as an option instead of meds. Some do and some don’t.

Most of my followers on here reading this, no doubt, take care of themselves and I do as well. I don’t expect any health practitioner to do it for me. That fact right there makes all of us 100% different than most Americans.

Sometimes I wonder what the tipping point will be for people to wake up the inherent power of their MIND to choose the condition of their body?  Yet the fact is, many turn away or don’t show up when they find out what I’m about. Others never stop coming and are the bedrock of my practice and benefit directly as a result. They do realize that they have to take care of themselves. When people search on Google for me they overwhelmingly use the key word “REIKI”.  Word has gotten around that indeed, the energy coming from my hands is no joke. Everyone can feel it. I run it 24/7 and I am 100% dedicated to helping others find BALANCE of their natural QI or KI in their body. Blood is QI.

I woke up this morning with a voice in my head saying, “We’re at the end of the road in trying to educate and help those who are asleep wake up to the inherent power in their blood, mind and thus their body.” I have to admit it’s unsettling because my whole career has been about service to others and making holistic care accessible to them as well as education. I have no plans to close at all but something is going to need to change or will automatically change because the earth is ascending. I’m not sure what it will be.

The #1 power in the body is the magnetic force the MIND. What you think about, what you believe, what you focus on most of the time, what you allow IN, (others, T.V., and media), what you accept as true or accept by default controls you. In my opinion it is HOLISM 101 to choose whether to go that route or to program and control your own mind through meditation and body love and awareness.

Next is your activity level; what you do with your muscles, how often and whether you get to an aerobic level or not. The heart is a muscle and also needs to be strengthened but so does your awareness of your in-breath and out-breath without hyperventilating.  Are you breathing through your nose keeping your mouth shut even as you sleep? You can’t snore if your mouth is closed when you sleep. It’s a great meditation to just naturally become aware of what you’re doing during your natural breathing cycle without trying to change it. I notice how my brain/head feel as I breathe. Drop you jaw and close your eyes and you’ll notice even more; meaning how much unconscious mental tension you are holding behind your eyes and in your jaw.

A great exercise is closing your eyes, releasing the muscles behind the eyes and letting the eyes roll back. It might make you go to sleep. I have my Reiki patients drop their eyes back so their energy body is fully released. It goes right down to the feet.

Our bodies are a precious gift and our time on the planet to learn and have an adventure is really all we have and all we can take with us when we leave. Holism can help you maximize the power of your body to bring joy to yourself and others.

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