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Calibrating the Pineal Gland; Up to the Minute Meditation

This particular virus we just went through had a purpose. The word on the cosmic street is that the reason it affected our heads the most was because it opened the pineal gland in the mid brain which we need for ascension or evolution forward. I was given this information in November 2019 before anyone even knew about covid19 when I had the virus. Covid means “crown” by the way.

Speaking of crown, the meditation I was just taken through had to do with closing down the crown chakra more and moving the violet flame rotating in the pineal gland (the 3rd eye or the ONE spiritual eye of true vision) DOWN THE SPINE. That was news to me. I was having a recurring hind brain headache and pain in the eye muscles. When I closed my eyes I would feel a spinning ball in my brain that pulsed into my ears and TMJ. I was given a direct message to sit down and listen so I did.

The message was, your crown chakra remains far too open when you constantly rely on your outward looking two physical eyes looking for and reacting to the outside world. Your life becomes like living in an ethereal airport full of too many spinning people who aren’t happy, centered and empowered in their bodies and too much information you have no control over. The only way you can get your work done and body maximized to a happy place, headache free, is to close down the crown chakra some more. Stop paying so much attention to and reacting to the politics and human shenanigans.

Sitting in my meditation chair, I put both of my hands on top of my head. That immediately sent the energy downward and made me dizzy. Press on the two notches in your skull just below the inside eyebrows. Press across the eyebrows and across the forehead. press behind the ears down to the TMJ and around to the back of the head at the occipital ridge. Go to the still point at C1 and hold on either side. Slide down the SCM’s on either side of the neck. Press inside the ears.

Focus goes back to the midbrain where you see the violet flame getting very big in the brain and the focus is to go DOWN and open the downward side of the pineal gland. First stop is the tip of the spine, focusing on your neck and then down your back. Then it will hit rear chakra five at the base of the neck and that gets strange as it clears out all the ways you are holding your expression in. I saw the flame move in textural space. Then it goes to the heart. You immediately get pictures of those you need to forgive and how to do it. For me it was my sister and my Mom. That violet energy can go over to the shoulders and down the arms into the hands. I was told my Reiki touch would increase as I moved this energy down.

Ultimately, working on this daily, we are GROUNDING the VIOLET FLAME that is the healing flame in the body. It also corrects and changes your DNA. A 45 minute meditation only got me to my heart center and got rid of my headache. This will allow the body to ascend to the light body going forward.

It isn’t going to happen by itself. You need to listen and cooperate with your Spirit Guides and Light Workers. Then do it. It will change your life and your body completely.

Good luck with this. Our Spirit Guides are here to help but we have to listen.

Peace and healing.

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