Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Would it Kill a Degreed Healthcare Professional to do 30 Minutes of Manual Therapy on a Patient Before they Cut and Drug You?

Yeah, they’d have to charge you $`1000 just to lay a hand on your flesh

I’m contemplating starting an education franchise for experienced, degreed professionals such as Orthopedic Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, P.T.’s, Osteopathic Doctors and M.D.’s to train them how to do thirty minutes of Naprapathic Manual Therapy on their patients. My fee TO THEM would be hefty.

Supposedly…they are already trained in the name and location of all the muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, and tendons as well as basic anatomy. I am! Yet the State of MI refuses to license me as a doctor. I’ve had so many patients tell me I understand the body better than a doctor does. Under my training they’re going to have to muscle up on ALL of their anatomy and then they will learn what they feel like with their HANDS…to include in a diagnosis.

I’m not opposed to CT and MRI scans, or X-rays but they have their limits and they are not always correct. Technology is not superior to human hands and intuition. They are helpful though and not hard for me to read. I would guess that any doctor would want to be correct in their diagnosis. It’s rather basic. If you have ripped soft tissue at the joint it’s very likely you will need surgery.

They can bill it under a specific Manual Therapy HICCFA code and charge whatever they want. Patients will come in droves and surgical procedures and drugs would plummet. They would be shocked if a doctor actually put their hands on them to treat. It’s not massage! It’s not “affection”. There are specific boundaries one must have with unbalanced humans when it comes to the body because of our porn psych-culture of physical oppression for women and men. Just put it in your advertising and reinforce the behavioral wall in the office. It’s possible. It’s medical manual therapy and very focused work right on the area that is deeply traumatized.

We have to move past this TABOO of manual assessment. The truth is, once the practitioner gets RIGHT ON the area there will be no mistake that this is a medical treatment. The patient can feel the deep trauma.

The confusion comes when massage therapists do superficial treatment to first and second layer with oil. It’s spa massage and can easily be confused for sexual. No way no how. This is the problem and we need to be clear about it. No patient should EVER enter a medical office imagining that they will get some “type of massage”. It cannot be that at all. In addition, the treatments can be fully clothed. The practitioner can still feel the deep adhesions through clothing.

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