Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

All Evolution Happens Through Stress

What is coming on our planet will be the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to society thus far in our evolution. We’re ready for it. As a species, we no longer need to be treated like children and be given just tiny bits of information over decades. In my circle, we’re asking for full disclosure which would change healthcare, the earth, and our bodies.

In my office, for twenty years, I feel like I’ve been cleaning up the error and corrupt practice of the allopathic white coats who are trained to practice the way they do because we live on a very mind controlled planet. That’s fine. I’m performing a role to bring balance.

They were sucked into their system. Some have turned holistic and sometimes you will find holistic M.D. and D.O. but it is rare. Nevertheless, they have seen the light. They realize the intrinsic power of the body to align itself and heal if given a leg up by a skilled practitioner.

The coddling from the institutions in our society, Church and State have been good for them and bad for us. It’s been planned for hundreds of years so it’s not something any of us had any control over. Nevertheless, lightworkers and healers (of yourself) know it’s time to go to a new plateau. It’s about healing ourselves, making sure we’re examples of optimum health to our patients and then speaking the truth to those that cross our threshold with firmness and love. Some will want to stay for the shift and some will not. There is no judgment. Many humans just don’t want to do the work here. All that means is they’ll have to do the work after they leave their body and go to the next planet. It’s a valid choice so don’t waste your energy trying to be a savior. Just teach what you know and live it in your own body.

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