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Deep Tissue Therapy and Reiki, Grand Rapids, MI on Google

I posted this on Google on July 13 and it’s gotten 103 views, probably much to the chagrin of Google.

See this post by Deep Tissue Therapy and Reiki, Grand Rapids, MI on Google:

It’s a good thing I didn’t post this on LinkedIn or it wouldn’t have seen the light of day. They’ve deleted two of my posts on the right to vaccinate or not, as well as to be fully informed on the subject. The fear-mongering is in high gear on MSM and social media for good reason. The world is waking up and that is not…in their acceptable narrative.

My agenda is empowerment of humanity regarding our focused mind and heart and our fabulous immune systems. This is HOLISM. We have a soul, blood, and DNA that is Universal, every last one of us. Don’t hand it over!

LinkedIn actually banned me last year. This is 2023 now. I’m kicked off just for posting empowerment and antivax and Brownstone Institute.

Humans and the Earth are Evolving forward quickly. Stay the course. We belong here.

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