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Bruce Lipton, Spot ON! Must Watch.

Digest the details slowly and rewind if you need to. It’s important to internalize the fact that we are the masters of our DNA. My research has found that Time is DNA. I blog regularly on

DNA is our body. Our body is our mind and spirit. That is the Mind, Body, Spirit Movement. The gist of my work is that the DNA double helix, as time, billions of cells in our body, are two strands; one strand is the past to the present. The other strand is the future back to the present. We focus on both mentally all the time but take it for granted. As we emphasize one more than the other we affect our DNA, as Bruce says in the video, reverse transcriptase can be controlled by US!!

It will all be in my Book, “Time is DNA” An Epigenetic Hypothesis with Data.

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