Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Here is Where We Are Now. Are You On Board?

We can Heal ourselves, ourselves. Help is in the form of millions of healers and shamans all over the world who are professional and trained. We are not going to do it for you but empower and educate you, get you on the path. We have healed ourselves so there is no hypocrisy. Watch for that! Then off you go. We are lightworkers on the front lines right now and understand the reach, depth, power and life force in your body in the form of QI.

We don’t need Tech, A.I., med beds, Joint replacements, vaccines, cutting, etc…unless your body is in puzzle pieces from an accident and you need to be sewn back together. The white coats are good for emergencies and that’s all. Ancient healing was here far before the techno-sphere and worked great for our ancestors as it will for us.

Sound healing and meditation are real and the most powerful force on the planet for the human species.

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