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The Four Stages of Wound Healing | WoundSource

I recommend you go to the link and read all of it. It’s not that long and will help you respect your brilliant immune system. Put it on a billboatd for the world to see!

1. When blood leaks out of the body the blood vessels automatically constrict or close around the opening TO STOP it. The body is not meant to BE CUT by nature or that wouldn’t occur. Next, platelets stick together in order to seal the break in the wall of the blood vessel. Finally, coagulation occurs and reinforces the platelet plug with threads of fibrin which are like a molecular binding agent. 

2. Inflamation. Inflammation both controls bleeding and prevents infection. The fluid engorgement allows healing and repair cells to move to the site of the wound. During the inflammatory phase, damaged cells, pathogens, and bacteria are removed from the wound area by the body, automatically, NO HUMAN INTERVENTION. 

3. The proliferative phase of wound healing is when the wound is rebuilt with new tissue made up of collagen and extracellular matrix. This is truly the intelligent engineering of the body te-building itself, BY ITSELF.

4. Also called the remodeling stage of wound healing, the maturation phase is when collagen is remodeled from type III to type I and the wound fully closes. The cells that had been used to repair the wound but which are no longer needed are removed by apoptosis, or programmed cell death, by the body ON ITS OWN. 

Now. knowing that your body does this automatically, without you thinking about it or applying any conscious intention to it…how much could it align and heal if YOU FOCUSED your whole positive, loving attention to any illness or pain you had in your body, on your own?

Try it.


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