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What Are Muscle Relaxers?

They are Methylcarbomal; a sub-opiate, so they don’t have to classify them as opiates…but they are. They act on the brain, not the muscles, like an opiate. The main opiate receptors are in the brain.

They don’t relax your muscles or your pain. They just drug your brain. Patients have come in and told me that many times. If you drink alcohol with them you could die. At the very least you’ll get brain damage.

Deep tissue work, what I do, releases natural endogenous opioids that are already in the body that stimulate relaxation and healing such as dopamine, serotonin and enkephlins.

Exogenous (external pills)subopiates and opiates are generally illegal now because they sledge hammer the body and can easily become addictive. It is the opposite with endogenous opioids.

Any doctor who prescribes them should not be in practice.

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