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I Just Had Another Powerful Reiki Session

This was a new patient who has very compacted QI or repressed emotion that is causing systemic pain, shaking and crying. She is very intelligent and sensitive like an HSP or an empath but no one has ever acknowledged it to her. She’s also an introvert, holistic with a good sense of humor.

She has spent thousands of dollars on pain clinic, P.T., doctors, trigger point injections, insensitive counselors, and chiropractors.

Her muscles were not that contracted at all so it was not muscle pain that was the problem. She was shaking and crying when I put Reiki hands on her which I see all the time. I’m very detached from it because emotion is only energy that needs to be released. I”ve been dealing with this kind of energy for 23 years.

The energy movement started at first position over her face and my hands got as hot as they’ve ever gotten plus magnetism. There was no energy release, but many times there is. She has a habit of compacting and holding it in because she’s feeling sorry for herself as a compromise on running true compassion for herself and then releasing.

Humans do that a lot. It’s grieving because you didn’t get your way. Individuals you love leave (die) when they want or need to leave and it’s important to honor that. Her sister died and she hasn’t honored it. That’s ego.

She was shaking and crying. It stopped as I kept my hands there. When I took them away it started up again. I was talking her through it bc she didn’t know why it was happening. We have a way to go.

She was not inhabiting her body and her heart chakra was twice as open as it should be, 6 inches spinning instead of a healthy 3 inches so I closed that a bit for her. It’s an indication of an empath with family training that taught her that she should do all the healing and helping while everyone sucks her dry and doesn’t take care of themselves or return care for her. She has that figured out but no one taught her she was good and ok being herself. This is typical for empaths and lightworkers on earth. We’re either called oversensitive or freaks. Water off a ducks back for me and I can teach detachment.

She doesn’t know how to do it herself yet. Her grounding was way off kilter as were her organs. The short of it is we will do a full hour Reiki session next week.

She is a great woman, very different, who has been treated awful, beyond awful by sick care and raised to sacrifice her soul on the family altar so the real wrong doers can get one over I suppose…or go get drunk. It’s usually the parents offloading on small children. She was 9 years old when it started. Long family story but she has had a tremendous amount of loss and was parentified (had to raise young children at a young age). This is so common.

I look forward to unwinding her QI and helping her release the past as we all need to do now. Lightworkers can heal themselves and come into their own power. They are needed on the front line now.

Reiki is powerful alignment

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