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What Happens When We Deny Our Body Joy?

We get sad, cry, maybe get angry because the natural state of the human body is excitement and joy. Nothing and no one should be allowed to get in our way of this. It’s up to us.

Our muscles and blood like to feel the fire of being alive and breathing. Discovery is made by being in the body. When we are “out there” in timelessness we can know or see anything. We have no body and no limits, thus learning is probably pretty easy.

But when we are born our Qi or consciousness is compressed into our DNA so we are challenged to continue to feel the eternal present through our CNS, the central nervous system. One foot is in eternity and one foot is on earth. Hmmm, what can we accomplish in this holographic duality? Anything we focus our mind on. There is the rub; focus. We live in a carnival, a world of distraction like a kid in a candy store.

The breath and meditation are key to remembering that IN THE BODY we are still limitless if we can remember and keep our vibration in the higher realm every day. The more joy we create the less aging, or cellular stress occurs.

So think of all the things that steal your fire and joy, pile them up and burn them. 🔥

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