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Acupuncturists Understand and Feel QI. So do Reiki Masters

My acupuncturist is brilliant with the needles and my Qi is certainly moving afterward. I feel a natural high every time.

I’m getting acupuncture right now for peripheral neuropathy caused by a fairly serious MUSCLE injury at my cervical spine. It is not a spinal injury or I’d be paralyzed and wouldn’t be able to move. I don’t need another CT scan or MRI. The trauma is to the muscle. Both the P.T. and I can feel it. The M.D. cannot and will not treat muscle trauma. Nor would they know what a muscle trauma felt like if it hit them in the face. They are not trained in med school to parse out muscles. It’s beneath them.

My acupuncturist rightly feels my kidney QI is off. I knew years ago that I had adrenal fatigue, a small gland that sits on top of the kidney, and he is helping with that. High blood pressure depletes the kidneys. Stress ages the kidneys. Indeed I have been widowed twice and had too much stress from men in my life. It’s all aligning now because I’m single and taking care of myself.

If the muscle doesn’t need to be cut or drugged the M.D.’s are of no use. And the P.T. only defers to the MD when they don’t know how to work effectively at the joint doing dry hand manual therapy and are concerned about liability.

They only know so much about the muscles and the vertebral complex. I am trained as a Naprapathic doctor. We focus on the connective tissue at the joint and the vertebral complex and that is all. We are trained to feel the difference between a muscle, bone, ligament, and tendon with our hands. I’ve done it for 23 years on 23,000 bodies. I succeed in my treatments.

Why do P.T. keep trying to push into territory they admittedly have no clue about; dry needling, QI meridians? Physical therapists, massage therapists, and doctors need to accept some anatomical facts. 99% of pain in the body is caused by compression of the nerve root BY THE MUSCLE at the vertebral complex. The second is compromised QI flow which is expertly addressed by licensed acupuncturists and Reiki Masters. I and others are also very psychic when we put our hands on the body. It happened again today.

My patient was a gymnast her whole life and has old injuries and KI blockage so I’m doing Reiki also. I saw an image of her climbing trees as a child when I held her feet and asked her if she climbed trees a lot. Indeed she did. The memory of that good emotion, as she climbed, was the grounding energy she needed now as an adult. This is very common for me. When I put my hands on someone I see what Spirit (or my Higher Self) allows me to see for their benefit, for their healing from parts of their life.

Special skills such as psychic sensitivity and an understanding of QI must be respected in the Healthcare field. We are leading humanity into a new way to care for the mind, body and spirit after all.

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