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Married Couples and Co-Dependency. Toxic Energy

Not in My Office

I like being single and so do the single women I know.

This post is going on both of my blogs because it’s really getting on my nerves and slowing me down. As usual, as an Aries, I’m just going to get to the point.

Straight women, which I am, it’s a CHOICE to be married. It’s a CHOICE to be financially and emotionally dependent on a man. It’s a CHOICE to take care of yourself or not in your own life and within a marriage, and it’s HIS choice whether or not to take care of himself within the marriage.

You are not obligated to mother him although it does seem that is what most married men want emotionally. No thanks. Obviously, women are far more astute caretakers and empathic then men.

Some men are very nurturing and empathic. I’m not saying that, but more women are than men. However, I’ve seen, in 23 years, that men are far nicer than women who are chronically, chronically, insecure, co-dependent, and competitive with other women. I absolutely hate it.

Some married women take it too far, want to come in my office and monitor their husband getting bodywork from me, insult me and my body, try to give me ADVICE about my health, try to interfere with my treatment of their husband and then quiz me about why I’m not married or have a boyfriend, which I do not right now nor am I ready to mate again. That’s no one’s business, but I was widowed twice in 3 months, my ex husband, my son’s father and then my fiance. Let’s see you get over that!

It likely makes the situation worse in our female objectifying culture that I’m not chopped liver in the looks department and at the age of 60 my health and looks are actually improving because I don’t kiss the ass of our youth adoring culture as though the blush on the cheeks of a young girl will always trump a middle aged women. Not. Can I count how many young men, and I mean young, 20’s and 30’s, single men in my office have hit on me? Many. I’m also sick of that. No love.

I’m not interested and I’m not a cougar. My ego is not that big, young men fall in love with older women which hurts the guy, and they are bringing nothing to the table and overshooting. That is my position. Young men who come for treatment, you do not have a chance with me and don’t even try. I’m so sick of it.

Married women, the married or mated men I work on NEVER, and I mean NEVER complain about their wives. They only say good things or tell me something she’s struggling with. The married men are kind. Married women are the opposite. They complain incessantly about their husbands. Some very insecure married or mated women want to come into the office and monitor me working as though I am some kind of threat to their marriage when the truth is, the insecure woman herself is the greatest threat to her own marriage because she does not trust her husband or me but mainly does not have confidence in herself. It’s repulsive and she is projecting. Do you have to go to his white coat doctor appointments too? I’m a holistic doctor. What I do is no different.

Women lead on this planet. Women are naturally independent and can be so within a monogamous marriage. Open your mind. Take care of yourself woman and you may not come into my office and interrogate me because I’m single or comment on my looks or give me advice. I am NOT interested in married men and have ethics and professional boundaries over 23 years that would make your head spin. Don’t even try it. No married couples allowed in my office. I treat one person at a time. End of story.

Lisa T.

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