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CDC Issues Warning About Increase in Invasive Strep Infections in Children

The cause of this is over-prescribing antibiotics that are a nuclear bomb to the immune system. Doctors pretty much won’t prescribe them anymore and some mothers get mad and insist because they don’t know what else to do. The doctors don’t know what else to do or their ministry forbids them, but you can!

Holistic practitioners wouldn’t dream of using treatment destroying the immune system which rivals anything the white coats do, because we are rational. We support the immune system not destroy it just because “doctor knows best!” No, they don’t. Finally, many other scientists agree that the government controlling healthcare is bad for humanity, including many doctors.

They tank your child’s natural resistance. It’s time to use herbal medicine that has worked for 10,000 years; past time. Why do you think China has 1 billion people? It’s the most populated country on the planet. It’s because their medicine is the best. So it their art. Their government? Not so much. But the CCP has to manage 1 billion people. The U.S. is only 330 million and our government uses the corporations to program us. It seems to work unfortunately, although that may be ending. We’ll see.

I have a 23-year old and when he was little the only thing I gave him for strep was Sun Ten Magnolia Flower Formula. It knocks out strep B. He’d alive and thriving, going to college.

You would not give a child 2 capsules. That’s an adult dose. You would empty half of a capsule in juice for them.

I have some in my office. 616-328-4242.

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