Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

This is Why the Governor of MI Didn’t Resist me Opening in April 2020

Everything I do is NATURAL pain relief using endogenous opioids that already exist in the body. That’s how pharma discovered how to synthesize opiates. We have opiate receptors in our body from what we make ourselves.

This criminal, illicit, opioid processing goes on and has a market ONLY because white coat sick care refuses to see the actual CAUSE of most pain in the body; MUSCLE INJURY, CONTRACTION, or TRAUMA at the nerve root which is at the joint complex.

We are HOLISTIC and NOT ALLOWED in the sick care system so this and BIG PHARMA profit can continue to occur. The profit motive trumps the HEALTH of the public in the United States of America.

We can see now how they think with the narrative unraveling of Covid and what they tried to do to us. Our leadership is criminal.

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