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Katie Litchfield reviewed Deep t.Issue Therapy & Reiki-Lisa Townsend, LMT, MH — 5 stars,  July 16, 2017 ·

Lisa K Townsend is currently treating my scoliosis. I’ve had it since 6th grade and I have to tell you- I’ve seen scoliosis specialists, several chiropractors, had three different back braces, even other therapists. All of them have told me that I will need surgery eventually. I never knew scoliosis could be treated, but I tell people all the time now- Manual Therapy is so much better for your body than going into surgery.  Go see Lisa!!!

It’s a very intense surgery and it’s been something I have been scared of since I first heard it. That is until I met Lisa! I had heard that she had been able to correct another girl’s scoliosis and knew I had to give her treatments a try. Since I’ve been seeing her, I feel a million times better! I had one shoulder that was higher than the other and she’s been able to even them out, as well as (with the exception of a small tilt on my lower back) has straightened my spine from top to bottom! (I never thought that would happen!!)

Lisa is incredible and I recommend her to everyone that has any type of back/shoulder/muscle issue.

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