Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Soft Tissue Focus

I want to make something perfectly clear from an anatomical, factual basis.

The first line of treatment in musculoskeletal trauma and disorder is THE SOFT TISSUE.  The soft tissue is muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve.  What feeds all of your plethora of soft tissue is the blood. Moving the blood with your skin INTACT, not cut, is ideal.

There is no front line of treatment that is appropriate for the bones. It makes no sense whatsoever to treat the bones first as a preventative remedy. It is absolutely NOT TRUE that cutting, moving, forcing or treating a bone in any way, shape, or form will affect the soft tissue in a beneficial way. In fact, even if you break a bone, the best way to support its knitting is to make sure the soft tissue right next to it has adequate blood flow.

BONE FOLLOWS MUSCLE. Bone is the servant of muscle. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.  So for all the noise the chiropractors make, what really matters during their so-called “adjustments” is the fact that they are doing a minute amount of treatment on the soft tissue next to the bone.  I spend my entire treatment time on the soft tissue so me and my peers’ treatments are more desirable and effective.  Professional manual therapy is not the same as massage either.  Massage is touch therapy, is superficial for only the epidermis, and crosses legal and professional boundaries.  It also hurts the patient if you try to go deep with oil using finger and thumb tips and oil.

I’m not going to focus on your bones or their alignment because by aligning the soft tissue, I’m already taking care of it. It doesn’t matter if your spine is straight or not. What matters is that your TISSUE is aligned and that I succeed in. The bone will follow unless it’s as rigid as a tree trunk.  If your spine is as rigid as a tree trunk or twisted, you need to get moving (exercise/yoga), lose weight, and see a Physical Therapist, not a chiropractor.


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