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Why Influenza Likes Winter Weather

This is a very informative link.

The Flu in the Winter

The Flu virus thrives in cold, dry air.  That’s why we see an uptick in cases in the winter.  But you can shore up your own immune system and not get sick, even though it’s likely you carry the virus.  We all carry a host of pathogens in our body that our immune system can effectively get rid of on its own if we just support our body.

I keep my house at 68-70 degrees and put a pot of boiling water on the stove.  The weight of the water molecules in the air forces the flu germs to fall to the ground instead of being carried in the air where they can be inhaled.

*I wash my hands as soon as come home from being out in public.

*I take Vitamin C, Sun Ten Herbs Immune Support Capsule, Zinc, and Melatonin at night.

*I eat healthy, no wheat and no cane sugar which has proven to weaken the immune system.

*I don’t drink alcohol or smoke which greatly weakens the immune system and wreaks general havoc.

* I keep my body hydrated with plenty of water.  The virus has no chance to explode in a well-hydrated body. You are a proper host to feed on if you are dehydrated by coffee, alcohol, junk food and not drinking water. You’ve got the welcome mat out for it to come in and visit.

The flu shot only contains four strains of the germ and there are 400 strains. They are guessing every year.  So…

Take care of yourself and you’ll stay well!





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