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The Well-Documented Placebo Effect

I’m enjoying reading “The Science Delusion” by noted author and Ph.D. scientist Rupert Sheldrake.  The title of his book can be misleading. He works in the field of science and supports REAL scientific rigor.  This book points out what is rational scientific rigor and what is not!  I recommend it. He says,

In several clinical trials, Prozac was no better than the placebo…The drug company, Eli Lilly, did not publish the results of unsuccessful trials which were revealed only because an independently minded researcher Irving Kirsch, managed to obtain the data using the US Freedom of Information Act. He found that when all the data were taken into account, not just the positive results published by the manufacturers, Prozac and several other antidepressants turned out to be no more effective than placebos, or than a herbal remedy, St John’s wort, which is far cheaper.” (Kirsch, I. (2009), The Emperor’s New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth, Bodley Head, London.

“At first, the defenders of mechanistic medicine dismissed the effects of complementary and alternative therapies as mere placebo effects. But placebo responses play an important part in conventional medicine too.”

Most Americans see these drugs expertly advertised on the evening news, which along with the news itself, is hypnotic in wagging the tail of the dog that is the American public.  It’s Disneyland folks and your mind wants to fall for it because it helps you feel more secure. There is nothing wrong with feeling more secure and holding on to what’s familiar unless it stops you from using your rational mind, growing, expanding, and seeing the truth. The pharmaceutical industry’s advertising has been all too successful in raising expectations about new drugs, increasing the placebo response in clinical trials, and hence reducing the difference between the placebo and the drug being tested.

If materialism were an adequate foundation for medicine, PLACEBO RESPONSES OUGHT NOT TO OCCUR.” But indeed they do and our hopes and beliefs regarding anything, not just a pill, have been heavily documented; too documented to ignore. The field of study is called psychoneuroimmunology.

That is essentially a big word for what healers and lightworkers have known for thousands of years which are documented in OUR ancient texts; your mind and your heart (emotions) profoundly and directly affect your nerves/cells/immune system and in essence, your entire body and it’s condition. YOUR ETHERIC MIND/HEART IS YOUR MATERIAL BODY. So when we say Mind/Body/Spirit, the modern placebo effect proves what we’ve been saying before there ever were any people called scientists. They are the new priests of the new religion…I guess. But I never have been one to look to any outside authority for Truth or need their approval.


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