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Muscles and Blood are Most of your Anatomy

I want to change the name of my business to, “It’s the Muscles” because when it comes to pain and resistance or trouble in the body it starts with muscle adhesions and snowballs down from there.

It’s still amazing to me as a bodyworker that the two most abundant and powerful aspects of the body are not medically understood or treated medically by the healthcare profession. You can’t plant seeds or plants with roots by raking the top of the soil with a hard rake and refusing to use a shovel to dig deeper. You have to know how to use a shovel and understand detailed soil composition.

Our bodies are a garden. Any analogy you can think of that is good for a garden is exactly what your body needs as well. Your garden is SOIL at its foundation. Then it is moisture or water.  Those are directly analogous to your muscle and your blood.

If you have a bone or joint that is not functioning properly, it’s caused by a muscle attachment that has a muscle adhesion clamped down on the nerve root next to the bone or disc in the case of the spine. If you have tendonitis or a ligament strain, it’s caused by a muscle adhesion not taken care of where the muscle attaches to the bone.  That is ALSO where the tendon and ligament attach to the bone. The remedy is to release the muscle adhesion.

There are many muscles in the thorax. You may assume you’re having an organ pain since all of the organs are in the thorax or the middle body, but it is more likely one of the abdominal or thoracic muscles! It’s pretty squishy in there as I palpate with my hands but I can feel the difference between your organ, muscles, and ribs.  It’s a no-brainer. Also, your pain response on the location where I press will tell me a lot.  It’s usually the muscles!

I have right hip limited ROM so I work on myself. I finally got to do some deep work on two fairly large muscle adhesions in my low back that were appalling that I couldn’t get to before. It’s one thing to work on these on my patients but hits home when I work on it on myself. I went at it, just as I do on them. The next day I could barely walk or move my right leg. The deep work stirs up the trauma to release it and I always let my patients know that they will be sore or limited the day after treatment. Two days later, it feels like I have a new hip joint! Why? Because the sciatic nerve that comes right out of L5 (lumbar vertebrae 5) is very large and goes right down the thigh and leg to the foot. ANYTHING, awry in the low back will affect everything in your lower extremity. The only way the bones and joints can be compromised is if  FIRST, the muscles knot up, then the nerves are pinched at the root by the muscles, then the tendons and the ligaments are pinched at the nerve root by the muscle. All of that blood flow is compromised by muscle adhesions and you can’t move your joint properly.  It’s all caused by the muscles.

I’m just saying, “It’s the muscles”. The only way to release it is deep work, not superficial first and second layer work. There are four layers of muscle tissue, not two before you get to the bone.

female back muscles



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