Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

What’s In There?

I get that question a lot from patients when they can feel their muscle adhesion roll around like a marble, it’s tender, or it’s making noise. The contracted muscle tissue is quite noisy; as noisy as your joint adjusting (cracking).

This is when the patient on the table needs to calm their imagination. It’s not a tumor, a bug, a parasite, or some kind of monster. It’s your flesh. Your flesh is muscle and blood so your muscle knots (adhesions) are matted up muscle and blood. If that sounds kind of gross it is gross and it hurts! Other than dental work or childbirth, I’d say chronically contracted muscle is some pretty bad pain. It gets so bad that sometimes you can’t lift your arm, turn your head, lift your leg, or walk straight. Is Lidocaine the answer? That ad is unreal when it says irritated nerves are the cause of pain. Then their product numbs the pain. The cause of nerve pain is contracted muscle tissue and that’s it. The muscle contracts around the nerve and sends a pain signal to your CNS (brain and spinal cord). The remedy is not steroidal cream but deep tissue therapy that moves your blood. If you leave your muscle that way and don’t believe anyone can help you it will atrophy the joint/bone and turn into arthritis. That cannot be reversed.  That’s kind of a big deal yes? There is no cream that cures that.

It’s so bad you think, “I should go to the Doctor!”  Stop right there.  No. You should come to me. Modern doctors know nothing about working the flesh. They only drug and cut the flesh. They don’t believe in moving the blood to correct the tissue and it’s practically a crime. I am, for all practical purposes, a muscle doctor. Muscle specialists in the medical tradition are Naprapathic doctors. We pre-date the chiropractors.

Your body is made of mostly muscle tissue and blood. If you’re having pain, something is likely going on with the muscles. There are many, many causes of muscle pain but the best practitioner to see to remedy it is your deep tissue therapist who does not use fingertips, thumb tips or elbows and knows how to do manual therapy with a flat hand to grasp the tissue without oil.



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