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#Nutrition Super Important #Potassium

Our bodies require a whopping 4700 mg of the mineral potassium every day. It’s actually in most foods we eat but because the requirements are so high, people rarely get enough. A banana only has 440 mg so that barely helps.

The risk of chronic low potassium is heart failure. You could end up in the ER. Your heart especially needs potassium to work properly. In addition, if you take HBP meds or other medications, it can tap out your potassium. So…best to get it in your food. Your life depends on it. It is in high amounts in:

Dried Apricots-1100 mg in a cup

A medium potato-900 mg

A packet of white tuna-566 mg

A cup of white milk-366mg

A banana-440 mg

A Cup of white beans-400mg

You get the idea.  Here is a great chart for you to refer to.

potassium rich foods

Other than keeping your sodium at 1/8 tsp. a day, yes…THAT low, potassium levels are the most key to your body functioning.  And of course water. Read labels and try not to buy a frozen dinner with more than 500 mg. of sodium. You should only eat 1500-2300mg a day of sodium also. All processed food is extremely high in sodium.


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