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Personalized Medicine via DNA? No.

 “High-performance computing for the life sciences hasn’t been a typical Rochester business, but the opportunity is here and we’re pursuing it.” After an earlier seed financing, Coker indicated OmniTier is currently out raising a Series A venture capital financing round.-Doug Bodde


Truly personalized medicine is all Holistic Medicine that’s been around for 10,000 years. This kind of A.I. fake scientific mish-mash is courtesy of the patriarchal parasite class that has every financial reason to keep the masses alseep and doing their bidding. They do it via YOUR BODY.

They have to figure out how to bogusly employ all the male geneticists that can’t figure out how to read 98% of the genome which is non-coded DNA so they’re going to pony up onto the backs of the bogus allopathic health care system with the help of Mayo Clinic in Rochester selling people a bill of goods.

Your DNA does not dictate your personal health; DNA is only the blueprint for your body, it DOES NOT control it. You control the cells of your body. There are stacks of studies proving the Mind Body connection. True personalized medicine is LITERALLY personal, meaning you create your health, not your DNA. Your birth DNA is only 2% of your genome. 98% of of human DNA is IDENTICAL and they can’t read it. How personal can their medicine get? Don’t believe any of this. Check out Bruce Lipton’s book.

In Chapter 3, he clearly spells out proof that the DNA does not control the nucleus of the cell but instead the cell membrane which is on the outside and a carrier for information FROM THE ENVIRONMENT back and forth between your cells. You get to choose what environment you put yourself in.

“It is only in the last twenty years that scientists have realized the importance of the cell membrane’s IMP’s (Integral Membrane Proteins). They are in fact so important that studying the IMP’s work has become a field of it’s own called “signal transduction.”-Bruce Lipton, PhD

Here is what is responsible for the signals sent to ALL of your cells; the CELL MEMBRANE; not the DNA. The cell membrane is controlled by…you, what you think, feel, eat, do, breathe which all just energy.

The Cell Membrane


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