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Endogenous Opioids

Endogenous means growing or originating from within an organism. That organism is us, our bodies. It’s a fact that our bodies contain naturally occurring opioids which are pain-relieving analgesics. You really should not take the synthetic stuff which is NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) or Rx! It’s addictive. Come and see me instead, or a licensed bodyworker.

The endogenous opioids are in our blood. It just another superhero/heroine quality of human blood that bodyworkers need be raving about; especially to Washington.

NCBI link on Massage as a Painkiller

This is a definitive, well formatted scientific study.

Medical massage, massage, and deep tissue manual therapy make beta-endorphins, met and leu enkephalins and dynorphins during treatment. The treatments also release endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin and reduce stress hormones cortisol and prolactin.

You’re getting what you pay for and it’s natural! Get a medical massage at least once a month. And if you have chronic pain, don’t self-medicate with alcohol, pot, sugar or baked goods; get a diagnosis first, don’t take the pills they prescribe, take the diagnosis to your holistic practitioner and massage therapist, and get medical massage or manual therapy to get rid of the adhesions causing pain and use herbs to take the edge off in addition to the natural pain relievers in the blood.

You will be saving your CNS (brain and spinal cord), liver, and kidney, and maybe your stomach and sanity.

In Good Health!


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