Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Suffering in Silence?

girl with tape over her mouth

It’s not necessary. There are martyrdom and victimization images in that. Pull that tape off of your own mouth! This is a tipping point IN THE BODY. Bodyworkers and Reiki practitioners need to be rationally clear on what this is when a client walks in who does not know how to or is attached to, the emotions of suffering. It is incumbent on us not to enable their suffering but to give them clear steps as to how to pivot their heartset and mindset as well as a full body Reiki session. We also need to be very honest with them in a kind way and not coddle, otherwise, empowerment will fail. Compassion and patience and proper tone of voice are appropriate but pity and feeling sorry for them is the last thing they need, even though you can feel them pulling on you to do that. They need to do it for themselves from within.

There cannot be silence! In no way should they be encouraged by the bodyworker or the reiki practitioner to be silent, no matter how much they say that they will not or cannot talk about it. If they are stubborn and refuse to speak, then their suffering is caused by their silence. It’s not that it’s our role to be their counselor but to refer them out. That’s a poor choice on their part, not a mistake. The client is going to need to talk and likely, they need to see a professional counselor along with the Reiki. That’s an ideal combination, so it’s our job to refer them out to a counselor and have a name and number ready.

We live on a planet where it’s a virus to go outside of ourselves and absorb others peoples offloading trauma because we don’t have our own personal, strong core boundaries and we give all kinds of reasons why we refuse to or believe we can’t CREATE THEM for ourselves so that we are in control of our own lives. The first easy response has two letters; NO! I say no more than I say yes to people now. The truth is we all can say “No”. It’s a matter of having a rational plan step by step and not indulging in the emotion that makes us feel good, right, and nice by saying “Yes”. Add to that all of the social approval, food, and money we get by saying yes and being obedient and there you have the animal reward, like throwing a dog a treat. I’m not a dog. I’m actually more like a cat. Patriarchy has us all believing we should be like dogs or that we are dogs; even women. Women are cats and men are dogs.

I’m no different than anyone else with my subconscious scars and the upbringing of my imperfect parents! That’s the human story. If you want the dirty details to compare your tragic story to mine, you can read my book “Healer”. I’ve had a tragic life, some successes, and many adventures. My response to the repetitive tragedy and offloading from my mentally ill family was to be honest and rampage with the Universe for my soul freedom and growth. It’s literal, spiritual aid if you work it. But you have to work it step by step.

Everyone calls me “strong” and then go the other way mostly ignoring me, keeping themselves in the “weak” category so they can be socially acceptable, lazy, habitual and indulgent. But I am not strong; I’m smart, a hard worker and just don’t care what others think because I value the freedom to be myself. They selfishly think I’m commenting on them and the truth is I could care less about their choices. I wish the best for everyone but I don’t see very many people taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Sometimes it seems to me that most humans like being herded into a prison like animals in a cage so someone “stronger than them” can control all the chaos for them; like Trump. Then they die. How is that a life? It’s a poor choice, not a mistake and the domino effect of those poor choices creates all the destruction and suffering on the planet. It’s not necessary, there is no rational excuse, and millions of people who’ve chosen another way, who will not go away, have proven it. Empower yourself so you can be a good example or a proper pain in the ass for your clients.


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