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What is a Muscle Adhesion?

female back muscles

A muscle adhesion is composed of muscle fibers that have balled up or contracted and shortened and ceased blood flow because of an unconscious signal or trauma you sent from your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) or due to an injury. It’s a defense mechanism, an immune system response to trauma visited on the most abundant tissue in the body; the muscle. The street word is “knots” and they can sit in the body forever and inhibit blood flow to the bone and joint system and cause arthritis, bulging disc, and disc degeneration unless someone gets rid of them for you. IN FACT, that IS what causes arthritis, bulging disc, and disc degeneration. There is no other way it could be because it’s the MUSCLE that delivers everything the joint and disc system need to be happy, healthy, and function; the blood. Hardly any practitioner knows how to get rid of them. It takes a lot of skill and experience.

We’ve all felt it. It’s actually some of the worst pain you can have, bar none which makes it all that much more mysterious that the health care system refuses to deal with it medically. I know how to get rid of them completely and accomplish it if you give me time. I am not just an expert but an authority on the matter. I say that because of my track record of success over twenty years of practice. How much time it takes me depends on how long they’ve been there and whether you drink water or not. It takes me anywhere from 1-10 treatments but not usually more. My fee adds up to a few co-pays. It’s much more inexpensive to pay me cash or charge than the cost of a serious issue covered by health insurance which you pay an exorbitant amount for with questionable outcome.

Muscles and blood dominate the body but they are medically ignored in the healthcare system.

  • Chiropractors do not focus on muscle adhesions, they focus on forcing the bone into alignment. They may have a massage therapist in the office but they only do relaxation massage. There is a serious conflict of interest for a Naprapathic Manual Therapist such as myself to work next to a chiropractor. I rival their treatments and they know it so I work solo. I’m trained as a Naprapathic Doctor but there is no licensing in my state. I’m licensed as a medical massage therapist but I exceed that.
  • Physical Therapists do not focus on muscle adhesions but they work very well on strengthening and stretching the entire body and more. There is such a thing as P.T. manual therapy but there is no way they would spend an entire session on it as I do nor is their training in Naprapathic manual therapy. They do something else. Likely joint mobilization which is not enough. The soft tissue attachment that attaches to the joint has to be manually rehabilitated. I do joint rotation and much more.
  • Massage Therapists do not focus on muscle adhesions and if they do, their low training and poor technique with oil will possibly hurt you which should be illegal. If they work on an adhesion, they use thumb tips, fingertips, platform hands, and elbows. That’s all unacceptable. They focus on superficial, first and second layer massage with oil to the entire body because that’s how they’re trained in their schools. Massage therapists do not approach the muscles from a medical perspective but from a touch or entertainment perspective.
  • M.D.’s do not correct anything going on in the muscle, they just prescribe muscle relaxers which don’t work. The only reason they prescribe them is that they have no idea how to medically treat a muscle with their hands, they likely barely understand how a muscle works, may not remember all the names and don’t want to touch people because they aren’t trained with those types of boundaries.

Rolfers, Shiatsu practitioners and medical massage manual therapists focus on releasing deep tissue muscle adhesions and we need to be covered by health insurance or work in medical settings but we are still being ignored by the health care industry because we are preventative, holistic and cost less. Acupuncturists will needle directly into the muscle to move the QI which works great! I highly recommend acupuncture. The needles are only as thick as one hair. Ignore the false advertising from the pharmaceutical ads suggesting you’ll get needled by a needle as big as one on a cactus. It’s an outrage and proves that holistic medicine is cutting into their market. Yeah.

Your muscles need to have hydrated (water) blood coursing through them at all time in order for them to heal, function, and be pain-free. They also need to be used. You don’t have to become a body-builder to be healthy but we do recommend weight-bearing workout as you age, possibly with a coach so you don’t hurt yourself.

Your muscles directly receive emotional and mental signals and respond accordingly so if you wonder where the muscle “knots” are coming from it’s you, your activities, BUT mostly your feelings and thoughts. It’s been proven in the lab. I posted about 5 blogs posts on on the very subject citing studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) so it’s not up for debate.

Be sure to place a priority on having your flesh medically taken care of. It’s the most abundant tisue in the body and deserves the best you can give it.

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