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bones are rigid and controllable; muscles are not


I’ve wondered for twenty years, after having my hands on thousands of patients, why in god’s name the chiropractors and orthopedic doctors and surgeons, mostly men, focus on THE BONE as the cause of pain and pathology in the body and treat the muscles and blood like the geneticists treat junk DNA which is an offensive name to biologists.

I’ve stated the anatomical fact on this blog numerous times and that is, bone and disc follow muscle and the other connective soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve). There is no discussion on that medical fact. Hence, if we had a rational, true health care system, preventative medicine would focus on the condition of the muscles, medical, rational treatment of them when they cause pain and misalignment in the acute phase, and the condition of the blood which is controlled to a great extent by what you put in your mouth (water and food). Lacking nutrition and hydration on a basic level you are literally jeopardizing your life because your kidney and liver can’t function dehydrated.

When you injure yourself, it starts with the connective tissue. If it’s not treated first, eventually the disc and vertebrae or joint will start to atrophy. The system lets that happen, overlooks medical manual therapy, and that’s when surgery steps in with lumbar fusion, rods, and screws to make everything more rigid (the male way) until you can’t move as you age.  All of this because you/they won’t accept that we are flesh and blood and deal with it from the beginning.  No medical practitioner ever addressed what CAUSED the trouble in the first place; the muscles (overworking or underworking them!) No orthopedic doctor or medical doctor will talk about the muscles. It’s too “girly”. There’s no way it can be that simple? Fact: the only thing that contracts the nerve root at the spine is the muscle! The contracted, injured muscle is what causes pain. No discussion. You let that go and the disc, spine, and bone deteriorate! They didn’t cause it though.

The psychology is similar regarding both muscles and DNA. The bones are rigid and can accept their very invasive, aggressive battlefield surgical treatments. They can charge a lot of money for it too. There are plenty of bones there for men who worship “boners”, which by the way is NOT the main way women get turned on. I’m sorry if that’s offensive but I’ve been deeply offended for twenty years by the absolute oversight and eradication of top attention being given to the medical treatment of the muscles instead of being treated like a female massage prostitute by most chiropractors I’ve worked for and male patients who see me for treatment! Never mind that their male organ is FLESH and fills with BLOOD. There is no bone in there but they obviously wish there was one or they wouldn’t call it that. The guy’s love bones kind of like a dog loves a bone.

The muscles, flesh, and blood are more vulnerable like a female and women indeed have less rigid muscle than most men! Our healthcare system is simply a projected set of values seeking to eradicate or control everything female, including the flesh and blood. Indeed, it arose out of male-controlled militarism. Look at any woman! We are squishy, easily hold more fat layers and some of us like it that way. Men, on the other hand, tend to want the muscles they have to be rigid! They want everything rigid and big. It’s a psychological problem and oppressive for women and the planet in general.

They do the same thing with the DNA which is rigid. Our rigid birth DNA is only 2% of the genome. RNA (ribonucleic acid) is very wiggly, like a woman’s hips and keeps changing, like we change our minds! It is one with the DNA but makes up the vast portion of the genome. The geneticists can’t get a handle on it at all, just like a good, strong woman. Don’t try to manage her because she doesn’t want to manage you. She would rather share and cooperate. Watch out for women that want to manage you. Run hard and run fast unless you like that sort of thing.

I have a recommendation. Let us run things in society for once and bring some balance and humanity back to the planet, to the body, to the healthcare system, and to life for our children. OR, stop focusing your healthcare treatment on bones, discs, surgery, and adjustments. Men have flesh and blood too. Don’t forget it or your heart will suffer.

This quote applies to women also, even if he didn’t intend it that way. The elephant in the room is that most women are more self-confident than men. Man is that taboo.


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