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If the PNS can heal, why not the CNS?

The PNS is the peripheral nervous system and is beholden to the muscles and the blood to heal due to the fact that the nerves innervate or GO THROUGH your muscles. The muscles and blood rule the body. It is well known, observed, and corroborated by science that the roots and branches of your nerves heal very well after trauma.

Axon regeneration in the PNS

The articles never give credit to the muscles and blood but there is nothing else that can heal them. The peripheral nerves don’t live alone and introverted in the body. Like everything in the body, they are in a community and in synergy with every other cell. That’s a biological fact and quite a no-brainer.

That community includes the root and source of the PNS, the CNS. The CNS is the Central Nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord. They are soft tissue and also filled with blood. Everything in your body is filled with blood or QI.

Think of a tree. A tree has a trunk and roots. The sap is made inside the trunk just as our blood is made inside our bones. The sap is the blood of the tree. With this analogy, our brain would be the tree roots and the spinal cord the trunk. Then the branches come out from everywhere on the tree. Even if the tree trunk is cut down to a stump, the roots are still there and spring forth new branches! Well, this is the way nature works.

It never ceases to crack me up when a neighbor or landlord next to me keeps cutting a tree down and it springs back even bigger. They think if they cut it down they’re killing it. LOL!!!!! Dudes, the roots rule and they have tied into the earth QI and receive water and warmth and all of it! “But our bodies aren’t like a tree!” you say. Yes, they are. Our bodies contain every single piece of DNA from every single animal and plant on the planet. They just all got here before we did. We are newbs to the planet.

I just shake my head at the foolishness of the disconnect of our healthcare system from nature. All we have to do is watch how nature functions and regenerates to understand what the body is capable of.

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