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The Root of Pain

The CNS and PNS


Here is the soft tissue system that registers pain to the brain to be interpreted. It’s called your PNS and CNS and is composed of all of your nerves. They are filled with axoplasmic fluid and tiny blood vessels.

What tissue do these nerves flow into? The muscles and organs. And the blood constantly flows throughout all of it, never stopping, pumped by the heart. That’s amazing in itself, the skin holds it all in there and holistic people contend it needs to be left that way, not cut into as that is an injury to the flesh and causing more trouble.

The Vertebral Foramen

Below is an image of the vertebral foramen. This is showing a side slice meaning the top pointy piece on the picture is the top of your back. It’s the spinous process. In all of those spaces around the bone are muscle, nerve, ligament, tendon, all of the soft tissue business that I treat. Look at the hole in the middle through which your spinal cord traverses. The bottom picture shows the space around it that is disc cushion, fat, blood,  and …stuff. The PNS or peripheral nerves are shooting out both side into both sides of your body.


Please note the anatomical facts here. This isn’t fake news and the earth isn’t flat. The spinal cord and nerve roots are cushioned up and supported by other tissue right at the source. The vertebral foramen has plenty of room for things to move around so that you can be bendy. Last time I checked, we could all bend over which bends the spine and it’s considered normal. It’s not supposed to be rigid or curved.

Then what causes the pain?

Think of your mother’s birth canal. We are all soft, warm and squishy in our mother’s waters before we ascend into the pain and B.S of Earth to feel all that we have to feel and go through all of our lessons that are supposed to be such a joy. The pain happens as soon as that nerve root HITS THE MUSCLE full of blood!! I’m sorry folks, but it’s like the baby hitting the air, having to breath and start screaming! When any of us are in pain, the nerves start screaming because they had to come out of the spinal column into flesh (muscle and blood). There is unconscious psychological resistance to that fact, I swear. It’s all our mother’s fault for birthing us. Oh god.

The ONLY awful thing that compresses, grabs, twists and turns on the nerve root is THE MUSCLE, sitting in blood, grabbing onto the nerve root like the Earth pulls the baby out of its mother on to earth and you are flesh and blood. Again, I’m so sorry but it’s the truth. The medical profession needs to accept the pain of the flesh and power of the muscle in the health care debacle. They ignore it but THE MUSCLE causes the pain, the muscle registers your thoughts and feelings, the muscle sends the signal to the CNS that something is off-kilter and we hate it. The fact is 850 of those muscles are the only thing standing between the joys and sorrows of the flesh. The 850 muscles rule the roost like yo mama! That’s why the materialistic, patriarchal health care system ignores them and makes them all about sex. Massage is not about sex it’s about love and medical care so that your muscles do not cause as much pain as they could. But the treatment only works if it’s deep, educated, and medically focused at the joint complex. You also have to move and drink water or your muscles will scream like that baby.

Which Joints?

All of them; synthrotic, diarthrotic and amphiarthrotic in the order of less moveable to more moveable.


Where the red circles are is where your expert medical massage therapist is going to focus soft tissue treatment because when your muscles activate, it does so right at the joint and that is usually the trouble spot. Relaxation massage therapists are all over the muscle belly with their oil. We don’t do that. We are treating a medical condition and seeking to remedy it and reduce pain and inflammation so you don’t need surgery. And, most important, we accomplish it in a cash affordable manner and the insurance companies refuse to cover our treatments in obedience to the orthopedic doctors and surgeons and the chiropractors who make a killing by focusing on the rigid bone that they can control and cutting people when it’s not usually necessary.

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