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Chapter 9-Psychosomatic Network and the Immune System

Molecules of Emotion coverPsychosomatic literally means the intuitive body. The word psyche is Greek for intuition. The word soma means body. Bodyworkers, who are licensed health care providers and actually put their hands on the body, absolutely know this. We knew it before it was proven in the lab because we can feel it because we are intuitive or psychic ourselves as well as empathic. In truth, the rest of the medical profession needs to catch up with us.

In the lab at NIH, Ed Blaylock, Dr. Pert’s peer, discovered in 1982 that our immune system cells are secreting peptides, most notably endorphins. In fact, the body mirrored the mind. The brain is a big bag of hormones. What is the immune system?

“The immune system is made up of the spleen, the bone marrow, the lymph nodes, and various kinds of white blood cells, some of which circulate throughout the body while others reside in the various tissues of the body, including the skin”-pg. 181

The immune system is a brilliant ally in fighting off invaders that could do us in! Studies have shown that our thoughts and feelings shore up or do in the immune system. The straights don’t even question that anymore. Obviously, massage therapy stimulates the immune system directly, especially deep tissue therapy that uses no oil. We go deep in a trouble spot to release the tensions held there that are challenging immunity. Chronic pain taxes the immune system as well. Immune cells also make, store, and secrete the neuropeptides themselves. The immune cells are making the same chemicals that we conceive of as controlling mood in the brain. The fact is, chemokines, lymphokines interleukins, and other immunopeptides can breach the blood-brain barrier that doctors refuse to let go of.

Dr. Pert says,

“I like to speculate that what the mind is is the flow of information as it moves among the cells, organs, and systems of the body…The mind as we experience it is immaterial, yet it has a physical substrate, which is both the body and the brain…The mind, then, is that which holds the network together, often acting below our consciousness, linking and coordinating the major systems and their organs and cells in an intelligently orchestrate the symphony of life. It’s an information network linking Psyche, which comprises all that is of an ostensibly nonmaterial nature, such as mind, emotion, and soul, to soma, which is the material world of molecules, cells, and organs. Intuitive and rational Mind (left and right brain) and body are psyche and soma.

I may post another essay or two on this chapter.  To be continued…

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