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Body Truth: “Molecules of Emotion”-Chapter 9, Part 2

Molecules of Emotion coverContinuing on here with Chapter 9, Network and Mind in Body.

“While much of the activity of the body, according to the new information model, does take place at the autonomic, unconscious level, what makes this model so different is that it can explain how it is also possible for our conscious mind to enter the network and play a deliberate part.”

That sounds like free will exists to me and that we actually do have choices over what we do. Humans don’t just run blindly on a habit which is what the modern health care system relies on for profit. Addiction is the money-maker.

We’ve all heard of the yogis of the East and practitioners of certain mystical disciplines who have been able, through breath training, to alter their perceptions of physical pain. Many women manage it in childbirth! What seems to be going on here is that these people are able to plug into their PAG (periaqueductal gray part of their brain), gaining access to it with their conscious intention, and then, I believe, are able to reset their pain thresholds.”-pg.186

She continues about it hooking into a body-mind network. There is a wealth of data showing that changing the breathing changes the brain peptides that are released from the brain stem. 

The Science of Controlled Breathing

She says in the next section,

“Based on my research, the mind does not control the body it BECOMES the body.”

Rupert Sheldrake, noted ethnobotanist, quantum science findings, and all of Chinese Medicine agree. No one can, with any integrity, say NO! to this anymore just because of cognitive dissonance. The future of our healthcare system and the human body rely on accepting it. In the next few pages, she goes on about how music affects every cell of our body and moves the emotions. That’s well known.

Viruses are directly linked to entering the cells due to emotions. Cancer has been shown to develop because of repressed sexual feelings. Contributing to that is repressed anger, self-denial, and a basic unawareness of emotional needs. Many psychologists have interpreted depression as suppressed anger, most notably at oneself!

I’m working with the balancing of this on other levels but what I’ve found is that you can hear the correct signals from within the CORE of the body. In the body’s physical center, by focusing your attention there you will get the right signal. We have to remember that we live in a huge universe and some people pick up silent telepathic signals and toxic energy easier than others. One’s own body will give a correct signal. Outside signals will not and they certainly are not “reality”. This is very controversial right now. Watching life outside of you is like watching a movie in 4D instead of 1, 2, or 3D.

chakras-light bodyThe area to focus on is a point between chakra 3 and 2, above the navel. You can see it in the picture as red and then the yellow/orange circle below it which vibrates on the left side of the body as the spleen. These are the power chakra and the sacral chakra. They express how you express yourself OUT into the world silently and below that, how you truly feel. All of that has to be aligned and brought into truth. Do the work with a licensed bodyworker and an attuned Reiki Master.



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