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Body Truth; “Molecules of Emotion”, Chapter 10-Child of the New Paradigm

Molecules of Emotion coverThe second half of the book is far less traumatic than the first half because she finally starts keeping company with holistic folks and realizes how awful the National Institutes of Health was for her. As a woman, it was very hard to read chapters 1-7.  Chapters 8-13 were great though.

In Chapter 10 she is dealing with working to come up with a cure for HIV with her team.  In the section called “Intervention”, she was giving a speech in Hawaii.  On page 203, she says,

“We had found a T4-like molecule in our brain mapping with high densities in the hippocampus and cortex…I began to speak but my voice sounded strange as if it were coming from a distance.”

Our data clearly suggest the T4 receptor could be a neuropeptide receptor since its pattern is reminiscent of the patterns of known brain peptide receptors,” I reported, the words echoing as they left my mouth. And then, following that seemingly from out of the blue “If we could find the body’s natural peptide ligand that fits the T4 receptor, it could yield a simple, nontoxic therapeutic to stop the virus from entering the cell.”

Here is an example of the INTUITION at work while she’s doing a live speech.

“There was a hushed silence as both my audience and I let these remarkable words sink in.  Had I just proposed a discovery path for the cure for AIDS? It was the very first time such an idea had occurred to me.  And then I heard a louder voice, this time not recognizable as my own and not spoken out loud, but echoing inside my own head! It was a strong male voice that commanded: “You should do this!”

And here we have an example of what it’s like to hear the voice of a spirit guide, which could be her father who was deceased. Truth-telling is important here. We live in a world of Spirit.

She says,

“I certainly wasn’t used to hearing voices comment on my lectures, and at first I assumed the command was some kind of hallucinatory aftereffect of the exhausting hike up the volcano. But the logic of the approach was so compelling that I trusted that voice. Even the fact that it was distinctly male didn’t rankle my feminist sensibilities, because whatever that voice was-hallucination, the voice of God, my own higher wisdom-I knew exactly what it was telling me to do! My whole scientific career, it seemed, had been a preparation for answering the question I had just proposed to myself; What natural peptide fits the HIV receptor in the brain and in the immune system, and how can we make a synthetic version of it to block the receptor and thereby stop the entry of the HIV virus?

To be continued…

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