Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Normal Cleanliness at DTTR in Response to the Over the Top Drama from Government and thus Media.

There are no children, pets, or a mate in this house. I share germs with no one in the office space. Patients and friends come through my front door and then leave. This is a safe, calm, drama-free, reasonable, rational space with no T.V. blaring or loud talking about politics or controlling attitudes. There are no toxic vibes in this space! Its sacred space and I hold it that way for the Grand Rapids community.

I have a phenomenal immune system as do you that has evolved over a million years. The coronavirus is just a novel zoonotic cold virus from bats that is not a living organism. It’s pure RNA. Almost every cold is a coronavirus. The swine flu, H1N1 is a coronavirus. It evolved from pigs. This is nothing new! It doesn’t die. It jumps from host to host and eventually, like all viruses, human immune systems will naturally, eventually have to deal with it. You don’t need a vaccine. Big Pharma WANTS a vaccine as a psyop (psychological operation) because psyops are BIG MONEY. Over half of the normal healthy people who get the virus get better and do not die as is the case with the other cases of flu. The people who tend to die, JUST LIKE WITH ALL OF THE VIRUSES are the elderly and infirm who have underlying conditions. You cannot die of a cold virus. The media is lying as are the hospitals.

Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki also has a De-germification Plan enacted. (it always is but more so now to help clients feel comfy).

1. I always bleach and wash each sheet set after each patient.
2. I always wipe down the table after every patient with disinfectant wipes.
3. I’ve wiped down and sprayed the patient area with Lysol.
4. I’ve wiped all of my doorknobs, outside door both sides and knobs on lamps with Lysol.
5. I’ve sprayed the carpets and rugs with Lysol. You’ll smell it when you come in.
6. I wash my hands and under my fingernails 6x a day. I don’t touch my face.
7. My bathroom used by patients is clean.
8. I’m asking patients to leave shoes by the front door and hang your clothes on the hooks. I’ll wipe it down after you leave.

YOU ARE SAFE HERE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. I HOLD SACRED SPACE IN THIS OFFICE. I WILL NOT DISRESPECT YOU OR HIT ON YOU AND YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT ME OR HIT ON ME. THIS IS NOT A “MASSAGE OFFICE”. This is professional manual therapy and Reiki and I am a healthcare worker. Please don’t refer to me as a massage therapist.

To schedule, call 616-328-4242. I’m here to help in an overloaded health care system. In addition, I have some antiviral herbs.

Most important, I have a very positive, happy attitude, I take care of myself. I know what I’m doing and I have firm boundaries for the benefit of my patients.

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