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An Infrared Heat Lamp can Kill the Covid19 Virus and Other Microbes.

Can UV Light Be Used to Kill Airborne Flu Virus?
From the WebMD Archives.

By Robert Preidt

Researchers say a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light — called far-UVC — easily kills airborne flu viruses while posing no risk to people. The source is WebMD which is mainstream medicine.

I quote from the article. Infrared Heat Lamps

In prior studies, they found that far-UVC light killed methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) bacteria — a common and dangerous “superbug” — without harming human or mouse skin. In this new study, they found that far-UVC light also killed airborne H1N1 virus, a common strain of flu virus.”

I HAVE ONE!!!! I’m offering a full-body, half-hour, full-spectrum infrared heat lamp treatment plus REIKI on a sliding fee scale due to the Covid19 outbreak. I will accept a donation, (whatever you can afford), or between $25-50. My normal fee is $50.00/30 minutes but we are not in normal circumstances right now.

Give me a call to schedule. 616-328-4242

Let’s kill the bad microbes and bad memes. (thoughtforms).


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